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    Comment on these (fictional) sibsets

    Some other expecting moms and me are trying to come up with a book of names that we would find helpful for naming kids. Basically, we have a name and have ten names for both gender that seem to be popular with it, for example we know a total of seven Emily/Rachel sibsets so we put that down. What we're asking you to do is comment on the names we post by saying which go/which don't and suggesting new names. Thanks so much, Megan, Stephanie, Carla, Heather, and Amber.

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    Selected Name: Emily
    Siblings: Girls
    Avery- Yes. They def. go together seeing as my name is Emily and my sisters is Avery!
    Morgan- Yes. For some reason that I cannot figure out, they sound really good together!
    Abigail- Yes. They both are a bit of classic, but popular girls names.
    Allison- Not really.
    Hannah- No. Hannah feels much trendier than Emily
    Annabel- Yes. Like Morgan I cannot really figure out why they go together
    Rachel- Yep! Both have 90's feel to them.
    Mya- No. Mya is very trendy and has more of a spanish feel to it, unlike Emily
    Brooke- Yes.
    Cassie- No.

    Siblings: Boys
    Benjamin- Yes. Both are classic and popular
    Nathan- Yes. My little brothers name is Nathaniel, and goes by Nate, so Nathan fits in too.
    Nolan- Nolan sounds much more southern than Emily (yet, I am from the south)
    Noah- Yes!
    Andrew- Yes
    Christopher- No.
    Luke- Yep
    Michael- Not really
    Jack- yes
    Matthew- I know siblings named Emily and Matthew, so yes.

    Other suggestions:
    Isabella (almost my brothers name if he were a girl)


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