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    Name This Class!

    The children’s teacher is a twenty-seven year old woman. She is very patient and fair, and tries to make school as fun as possible for her students. She has visited seven different countries in her life and often entertains the kids with stories of her travels. Her name is (1)______ ______ ______.

    Student #1:
    This boy is always talking and asking questions. He can be a little too curious sometimes and gets to be a handful for both his parents and his teacher. However, he only needs to be told not to do something once and his heart is usually in the right place. His name is (2)______ ______ ______.

    Student #2:
    This little girl is very confident and a natural-born leader. She is always left in charge when the teacher has to step out of the class room for a moment. She is a bit bossy and no-nonsense, and always plays by the rules, no matter what. Her first name is that of a historic female leader. Her name is (3)______ ______ ______.

    Student #3:
    This little boy is usually kind of quiet around strangers, but is a huge goofball when he’s with his friends. Everyone gets along well with him and he is very go-with-the-flow. His name is (4)______ ______ ______.

    Student #4:
    This little girl loves art class and almost always has a paintbrush in her hand. She often keeps to herself and doesn’t talk out in class very much. She can be a bit absent-minded and has been known to daydream when she should really be doing her work. Her first name is relatively uncommon and her middle name is a color. Her name is (5)______ ______ ______.

    Student #5:
    This girl is a bit of a diva and has very strong opinions for someone so young. She is a little spoiled by her parents and gets a bit miffed when she doesn’t get her own way. Her name is (6)______ ______ ______.

    Student #6:
    This little boy loves to read and is very interested in different types of sciences. He also loves airplanes and want to be a pilot when he grows up. His name is (7)______ ______ ______.

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    Teacher: Ella Jacqueline Cantor.

    1. Christopher Dean Salisbury.
    2. Elizabeth Marie Hale.
    3. Aiden Theodore Arnold.
    4. Cordelia Hazel Krzywonos.
    5. Emma Rochelle Ramos.
    6. Brandon Lee Dunham.

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    1. Miss Merissa Jade Lowry
    2. Flynn Corbin Eades
    3. Elizabeth Brynne Davenport
    4. Reid Oakley Quinton
    5. Timber Ruby Underwood
    6. Angelica Xena Zariss
    7. Milo Jameson Li

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    Marina Elizabeth Haston's Class

    Houston Oliver Holmes "Houston"
    Victoria Nicola Parsons "Tori"
    Zephyr Elias Michaelson "Zeph"
    Bayliss Cerulean Nemechek "Bay"
    Portia Clementine Rogers "Portia"
    Harrison Archer Portsmith "Harry"

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