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Thread: iPod baby game!

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    iPod baby game!

    Ok: so this is how it works, get your iPod or MP3 and put it on shuffle, the song (can be lyrics or title, whatever) you get will serve as inspiration for a boy and girl name.

    EX: Grace Kelly by Mika

    Girl: Violet Grace, Boy: Mikael Humphrey

    Now: go!
    freya // teenberry // reader // writer // theatre trash

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    ✿ girls: nuala, thea, maeve, luna, eliza, rosalind
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    Stella - All Time Low

    Girl: Stella Jade
    Boy: Lowell Night
    I'm not a mummy yet, nor will I be for a while, but I am an auntie to these beautiful kiddos:
    Jamie, Maddi, Izzy, Lou-Lou, Freya, Evie, Zak and Elise

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    All My Life by Mariah Carey

    Girl: Mariah Allison
    Boy: Myron Carey

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    Being Cool - Kimya Dawson

    Girl: Krystal Spring
    Boy: Akida York

    Boys: Oliver, Felix, Jude, Balthasaru "Ru"
    Girls: Amélie "Millie", Indigo "Indie", Peridot, Jane

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