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    Rosa in Announcements

    I've been scouring birth announcements for sibsets containing Rosa this evening to inspire additions to my own list. I found a few that I thought were interesting and decided to share them with you all. Do any of the sets stand out? If you were to choose one of them, which would it be?



    Rosa and Amber

    Max, Rosa, and Jacob

    Rosa, Mae, and Alice

    Ned, Rosa, and Eloise

    George, Rosa, and Harry

    Jacob, Lily, Rosa, Ella, and Emily

    Felix, Reuben, Gideon, Rosa, and Solomon

    Rosa and Henry

    Rory and Rosa

    Shane, Ben, Milo, Dara, and Rosa

    Julia, Rosa, Eva, and Sarah

    Ava, Rosa, and Ella

    Anna Livia, Tommy, Rosa, and Daisy May

    Lola and Rosa, twins

    Rosa, Lúí, and Julia

    Rosa and Hugh

    Rosa and Beatrix

    Rosa Artemis Maeva Joy Alba Lilac Ena Marigold
    Mathis Apollo Osias Finnegan Abram Cassius Amias Brave

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