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    Re: Very Long BNG With TONS of KIDS!!

    1. Your name is Molly June Williams and you are 22 years old. You have just graduated from UCLA at the top of your class, majoring in commercial music/ acting! Yesterday you recieved a letter congratulating you for getting accepted for the intership job you applied for. Overjoyed you pack up you belongings and make the long journey to Los Angeles to pursue your career in Acting/ Music. On your first day of work, you literally run into this hot guy while walking down the hallway. Embarressed you mumble sorry and then take off. The guy though is amused by your quick and nervous exit, and later while your getting in the elevator to leave, he jumps in just before it closes. He introduces himself as Toby Joe Turner, and proceeds to ask you on a date. Usually you don't date people you work with, but this guy is to charming to resist, so you accept his offer.

    2. Later that week, you get all dressed up for you date, you're nervous but also excited. He picks you up at 7 and takes you to dinner and a walk through the park. It ends up being the best date that you have ever been on. As the weeks go on you can feel yourself falling in love, your relationship is growing more and more serious. After 10 months of dating while in the park where we had our first date he proposes to you, and you of course say yes!

    3. Before you know it only 6 months after your engagement its time for your wedding. You have a small wedding, held in Calabasas, with only close friends and family. Everyone has a blast, and your reception is one to remember. After such a great night you and your new hubby take off to Italy for 2 and a half weeks for your honeymoon.

    4. Once you return from your honeymoon, its time for house hunting! You and your husband find a cute little 2 bedroom 2 bath house on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in a quiet and cute neighboorhood that is perfect for raising kids. After only 2 weeks of moving into your new house you miss your period, you go to the doctor later and find that you are pregnant! Your husband is so excited and both of agree to keep the gender of your child a surprise. Together you come up with a gender nuetral first and middle name. After 9 months your little bundle of joy arrives and its a girl! You give her the unisex name that you both agreed apon.
    Daughter #1: Bailee Dru Turner

    5. When your daughter is 8 months old, you start getting the same feeling you had when you were pregnant with your first child. As a precaution you and your husband go to the doctors. You insticts were right and the doctor confirms that you are pregnant, this time with triplets! Both of you are shocked out of your mind and at first arn't sure how to feel. But 7 months later when your babies arrive 2 months premature. You have 2 little girls and 1 boy, all of them are tiny but healthy. You give them first names that mean something to you, and middle names that are after members of your family. There names are:
    Son #1: Parker Joseph Turner(His Dad-Joseph)
    Daughter #2: Genevieve Rae Turner(His Brother-Ray)
    Daughter #3: Abigail Karee (My cousin- Karen)

    6. With 4 kids all under the age of 2, life if very hectic. But even with all of the caous you find that you love your family more than ever, but both you and your hubby decide to wait to have anymore kids. Both of you forgot however that you are extremely fertile, and the day after the triplets first birthday you discover that once again you are pregnant. This time its identical twin boys. Deciding that your house is to small for your ever expanding family, you pack up and move down the street to a good sized 5 bedroom 3 bath house. And after only 2 months of living there your boys are born! They are absolutly perfect (and identical!). You give them first names that start with L and J, and middle names after both their grandfathers.
    Son #2: Landon Reese Turner(His grandfather)
    Son #3: Jordan Alfonso Turner (My grandfather)

    7. With one 3 year old, 3 one and a half year olds, and 2 newborns you decide that your life is to full for anymore babies right now. For the next 2 years you just enjoy your husband and 6 children. Sadly only 2 months before the twins 2nd birthday your husband finds out that he is getting laid off, this just happens to be the same day that you find out that you are pregnant once again. Unable to pay your mortgage you pack up your crew and head to Mississippi to live in your mother in-laws house, while your husband goes across the country to Chicago for a job interview for a local law firm. Luckily he gets the job.

    8. While your husband is away with work and you are living in his moms house, you are forced to get a part-time job as a receptionist to help make money, while your mother-in-law looks after your 6 children. Unfortunatley because your husband is away for business he misses the birth of his 7th child (yes only 1!), a girl. You name her a name that gives you hope, because your family is divided at the moment. You name her:
    Daughter #4: Ella June Turner

    9. When your youngest child is 6 months old, you find out that your husband has found a perfect 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house that can fit you whole family and that you can afford! So you take your family and head over to Chicago where your husband is. After being seperated for nearly a year you are overjoyed to see your husband again. You hire a babysitter and enjoy a night out alone with you and the hubby, the night of course results in you getting pregnant once again. This time its twins! One boy and one girl. With your oldest not even 7 you worry how 2 more children will affect your life. You decide to just let things play out and 6 months later you give birth to twins! You give the boy a very masculine first and middle name and the girl a very femine first and middle name,
    Son #4: Kaleb Jonathon Turner
    Daughter #5: Charlotte Odelia Turner

    10. With 9 children your life is now to hectic to even think about having more children. Both you and your husband agree to use birth control for the first time in your marriage. 3 years go by and you find that both of you miss having a newborn in the house. A few days before your oldest daughters 11th birthday you decide to start trying again, but this time you actually have trouble getting pregnant. Your husband suggest IVF and you agree, and after one round you find you are pregnant!. Unfortuantly you forgot to consider the high possiblity of multiples that IVF may bring, and when you go to the doctor for a check up you find out that this time your pregnant with quintuplets!

    11. When you are 6 months pregnant both your mom and your husbands mom come up to help you with your 9 children and with the 5 that you are expecting. Not long after your water breaks and your husband rushes you to the hospital where you give birth to your quints, 3 girls and 2 boys, almost 3 months early. Sadly not all of the babies are healthy, the youngest two, both girls, end up having to stay in the NICU for an extended period of time. In the end everyone is ok. You give them first names starting with the letters E, M, A, S, and L. The boys get strong middle names and the girls you give virtue middle names.
    Son #5: Ethan George Turner
    Daughter #6: Mackynzie Amore Turner
    Son #6: Alexander Jackson Turner
    Daughter #7: Shae Maria Turner
    Daughter #8: Leighton Hope Turner

    12. Life is good with 14 children and you are happy, but of course that happiness doesn't last long. When your oldest child is 16 she comes up to you and annouces that she is pregnant and plans to keep the baby. You are devestated, you thought that you had raised your child how important it was to wait. Obviously your message did not get across to her. When you are taking your daughter to her first ultrasound appointment you get a strange feeling that you may be pregnant again, so you have the doctors check you out too. Your instincts are right and you discover that you are expecting twins......agian. You go into labor the same day as your daughter and both of you deliver healthy babies. You daughter has a girl and gives her a unusal name that a teenager would give her child. You also have identical twin girls and give them name traditionally used for boys.
    Granddaugter #1: Sabella Molly Turner
    Daughter #9: Dakota Megan Turner
    Daughter #10: Sam Jordan Turner

    13. With 16 children and 1 grandchild you feel that your life is complete! Your oldest children agree to watch the younger ones so that you and your husband can go on a much needed vacation, where you two go a little crazy. When you get home you find out that you are pregnant once again! And of course it's multiples, this time triplets. The 2 boys and 1 girl are born perfectly healthy 9 months later. With 19 kids you decide enough is enough and get your tubes tied while in the hospital. You give all of your triplets names that you love the most since these are your last kids.
    Son #7: Blake Allek Turner
    Son #8: Brandon Remus Turner
    Daughter #11: Kailee Kolby Turner

    14. The years pass, and eventually all of your kids are grown and out of the house. Everything is calm for awhile, but then the flow of grandchildren come! Give names to all of your grandchildren!

    Daughter #1: Josie, Sabella & Mekka
    Son #1: Tao, Karin, Ryan & Ian
    Daughter #2: Matt & Mike
    Daughter #3: Rachel, Emma, Cory & Sam
    Son #2: Heather & Jen
    Son #3: Jason
    Daughter #4: Chloe, Jennifer & Will
    Son #4: Harry & Darren
    Daughter #5: Amber, Natalie & Kate
    Son #5: Carl, Peter, Paul, Mary & Joann
    Daughter #6: Cate & Chelsea
    Son #6: Moe, Matt & Ken
    Daughter #7: Basil, Cecil & Hanna
    Daughter #8: Noah, Blaine, Simon, Randy, Kara & Julia
    Daughter #9: Hugh
    Daughter #10: Meg
    Son #7: Lauren, Ashley, Mark & Finn
    Son #8: Quin & Dianna
    Daughter #11: Courtney

    15. Now last thing is name all of your children: