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    Names that end with an "e" letter but "ah" sound!

    The topic on the Irish name Líle (lee-la) posted by another poster, got me thinking how much I would love to find a some more names that end with the letter "e" but an "uh" or "ah" sound.

    The only other ones I can think of are Isolde and Marlene (when it's pronounced Mar-lay-nuh which it isn't always)...

    Help guys! I know you'll have some gems I think it just gives the name a wonderful lilting quality.
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    Re: Names that end with an "e" letter but "ah" sound!

    I'm glad my post got you thinking!

    The first name I thought of was Xanthe when pronounced zan-tha. Some others...

    Aoife (ee-fa)
    Aine (awn-ya)
    Caoimhe (kee-va)
    Ariadne (can be pronounced air-ee-ad-nuh)

    That's all I can think of right now. Hope this helps!
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    Re: Names that end with an "e" letter but "ah" sound!

    My name does: Minuette. The others I can think of have already been suggested. A lot of the names ending in ette are pronounced with the eh sound on the end.

    Minnie x

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    Re: Names that end with an "e" letter but "ah" sound!

    Else is one that comes to mind.

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    Re: Names that end with an "e" letter but "ah" sound!

    There's Caoimhe (like KEE-va) and Silke, too.

    Also, in German if a word ends in a consonant and then E, the E is pronounced as 'ah'. Obviously, if you didn't live in Germany then it would just cause confusion if you used Anne or Charlotte and then wanted it pronounced Anna or Charlotta, but I've met some British people with German names such as Annaliese or Lieselotte, who seemed to have very few pronunciation issues with their names here.

    There's a great, extensive list of German names on


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