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    Re: Sharing bedrooms?

    I have your car solution problem! We are in the same boat with car seating. We have five with two on the way. We currently own a suburban which seats eight.........we have been told you can have a seat installed in the back that faces backwards, great for older kids! It does take out your cargo room but makes traveling in one car possible again!

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    Re: Sharing bedrooms?

    Thanks, our volvo already has the rear facing seats in the boot - It technically seats 5 in the main car. We are coping with not all going everywhere at the same time!! We are in the process of buying a 9 seater minivan - we'll need boot space for 2 double pushchairs soon... At the moment they are all small enough to go in the same pram!


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    Re: Sharing bedrooms?

    I'm glad the 2 year old isnt with the teenager---not only because of her studying, but because, well, anyone at 14 would hate having to share a room with their 2 year old sister.As long as everyone's happy!
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