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    Former pets:
    Two cats: Spencer and Poquito "Pokey" means small in Spanish. R.I.P great animals.

    Two dogs: Pitbul: Jacob Marley. Jacob after the wolf in Twilight, but we named him Jacob Marley in reference to A Christmas Carol

    Twix Michael: He looks like the inside of a Twix bar and Michael after Brett Michaels.

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    Apr 2013
    Currently I have a cat named Ollie (rescue) and two goldfish called Splodge and Specko. Previous I have had a dog named Waffles, another cat called Tiger, two boy bunnies called Jiffy and Fluffa, two girl bunnies called Peppa and Willow, a guinea pig called Squiffy, three other fish called Flipper, Flubbles and Ginger and a hamster called Sparky
    Name lover & Married to a wonderful man

    Lilith - Vesper - Francesca - Tiffany - Lark - Viola - Naomi - Eloise - Layla - Amy - Phoebe - Freya
    Zachary - Alexander - Tristan - George - Axel - Dominic - Loki - Malachi- Rowan - Harvey - Griffin - Briar

    Bunny names:
    M: Banjo, Chewbacca
    F: Kairi, Pika
    Uni: Bantha, Domino, Tadpole

    My blog:

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    Jan 2013
    Dog: Beauregard- Bow
    Mice: Snowball, Pepper, Angel, Cinnamon
    In the fish tank -
    Oscar, Nebula, Galaxy, Star, Luna, Onyx, Ruby, Arielle, Apollo, Storm, Venice, Topaz, Jazz, Merlin, Pheonix, Casper, Monroe, Willow, Chuck, Nemo, Rome and Finn and then the tetras (which don't have names apart for the biggest called Cruz)

    And one day I would like to own an Italian Greyhound called Remy.

    Other names I like for pets:
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    More Combos & Husband Approved!

    Lilia Harlow June. Romia Juliet Quinn. Elara Ingrid Rose. Athena Willow Grace.
    Tallulah Scarlett Gwen. Sylvie Cordelia Raine/Fae. Ruby Wilhelmina Tess.
    Freya Lorelei Selene.

    Conrad Raphael Jove. Silas Leopold Walter. Asher Emmett James. Auden Josiah Kane. Evander Malachi Flynn. Owen Lysander Pierce. Kian Marius. Alaric Lucian.

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    Aug 2012
    A 17 pound orange Maine coon cat - Elijah James "Elye"
    A 9 pound long haired black cat - Ms. BoJangles "Bo"
    And two Chinese Dwarf hamsters - Bartholomew Baggins "Bart"
    - Sylvester McDuff "Sly"

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    Apr 2013
    Hogwarts/District 12/Lorien
    My dog's name is Epcot and my cat's name is Doodle.

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