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    Great Dane - Daphne
    Neo Mastiff - Dominic
    -Merry (from Santa

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    Tobias Bjorn - our Labradoodle called Toby. Bjorn was added by family vote cause it means bear and looks like a bear when he runs.
    Maxwell - our American Shorthair Tabby called Max. He is brown and black striped and thee mellowest cat i've ever known.
    We are hoping for a second Labradoodle. We want either a brown or black girl doodle named Georgia. Dad is the only one we still have to convince.

    17 year old name lover, aspiring writer & hopeful cosmetologist/makeup artist

    Girls - Meredith, Leal, Aviva, Camilla, Magnolia, Loretta, Mona, Gabby, Tullia, Veronica
    Eliana, Ruby, Georgia, Esther, Ginny

    Boys - Frank, Soren, Troy, Wes, Sebastian, George, Dawson, James, Loren,
    Cameron, Lincoln, Kirby, Yannick, Levi.

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    I have two dogs: Schultz and Strider

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    We have Delilah Sapphira, a terrier mix. Malachi Gremlin, a Pekingese mix. And we'll soon have Otter, a Pug mix. I'm not quite sure what her middle name will be yet, I'm still looking for the right one.

    Past Pets -
    Princess Anne: An overweight, grumpy, gray and white tabby.
    Tigger Alan: A thin, long-legged bouncy ginger tabby.
    Matthew David: A German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever Mix
    Squigmond (Squiggy) Grell Riley Dakota: A Siamese/Himalayan Mix
    Lenard (Lenny) Alpheus James Elliot Flynn: A Siamese Himalayan Mix

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    Oct 2012
    My current:
    Maximus Simon, a tweenie (standard/miniature dachshund mix)

    My mom's current:
    Wendy, a Maine Coon (I think)
    Dixie, Wendy's son
    Mystique, a gorgeous but fairly mean male tuxedo cat

    Past pets (most recent first):
    Blackie, a black cocker spaniel; she came with that name from the SPCA
    Blackie, a stray black cat I adopted off the street when I was in middle school; later renamed Christina when she went to live with a friend of my mom
    Poochie, a terrier/poodle mix; she came with that name from the SPCA
    Kilty, a border collie
    Tippy, a dachshund/terrier mix
    Alexander "Xander" ~ Andrew ~ Charles "Charlie" ~ James ~ Lawrence ~ Leonard ~ Patrick ~ Philip ~ Richard ~ Robert ~ William "Liam"

    Alice ~ Catherine "Cate" ~ Elisabeth "Bettie" ~ Ellen ~ Hannah ~ Lucy ~ Margaret "Maggie" ~ Rachel ~ Rosana ~ Sallie

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