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    Aug 2012
    Greater Boston, MA
    I have two Maine Coon (American longhair) cats called Aslan (he's tortie smoke and white) and Simba (he's a classic blue silver tabby).

    I also have two brown mini lop rabbits called Bruno and Sable.
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    North Carolina
    [FONT=Georgia]I have a Jack Russell Terrier whose lazy as can be and I got him the day before I went into labor with the twins. I decided to grace him with the name Tazz, common but the only thing I could think of. We also have a Bengal cat named Mufasa. [/FONT]

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    Lexington, KY
    Bella - cream colored long hair chihuahua
    Sasha - cream colored toy poodle
    Annie - a small black mixbreed dog
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    Hedgehog: Penelope Dot.
    Italian Greyhound (dog): Euphemia Beryle, nn Euphie (pronounced U-fee).
    Munchkin (cat): December Joy, nn Dec/Deci. (Gray and white. Named after the month me and my DH got married in. Hints the MN Joy.).

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    I have a St. Bernard named Marley, who my family calls Two-Ton-Marley because she's HUGE, a malamute husky named Lola, and a lizard named Lizzy. We call her Lazy Lizzy because she's...well...lazy! My cousin has three pets that all start with M.
    Monty- rottweiler
    Memories- rabbit
    Maple- guinea pig

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