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    Cool Names you love, names you hate

    I would like to write an article about naming your dog. I think it would be fun to include some pet names that owners have loved -- and maybe some owners have hated.

    If you post, please include

    The pet name

    The animal (Dog names are preferred, but names for cats, rabbits, etc. that were memorable are welcome.)

    Why did you love -- or hate -- that name? Did it make you smile every time you said it? Was it a family joke? Was it just somehow perfect -- or ironic -- for that animal? Was the name unusual? Was it meaningful to you? Did you get tired of the name -- or grow out of it? Was a name that someone else in the family gave to the pet? Did you feel as though every dog on the block shared your dog's name?

    I hope you have fun responding and enjoy the memories of animals and their names you have loved -- or loved to hate!

    If I use your name in the piece, I might use your nameberry user name with it. If you don't want to do that, please just say so. Then I will just call you "a poster at"

    Thanks to any who decide to contribute to this. I will check back occasionally to see if someone has responded.

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    I hate the name "Buster" on dogs. Not because of any particular animal - it's just one of those names that I can't stand aesthetically, but I had to watch it being bestowed upon several puppies we sold over the years, and ooooh how I hated that. I suppose I could see it on a goofy, clownish dog, but these weren't that sort of breed; once they grew up into graceful mature animals, they'd outgrow a dumpy name like "Buster" quicksmart! :\

    My first dog was a scruffy little terrier cross named Oscar, and I couldn't have imagined a better fitting name for him. We found out years later that Dad had actually chosen it as a private joke (an acronym for something I definitely cannot share in polite company) because the rest of the family had never been able to agree on a pet name before - exhibit A being our cat, Cat. That didn't stop it from being a perfect terrier name, though, and it was a hit with our friends too - we had about four of them name Oscars after ours, after he passed away. Perhaps that was just the name beginning its comeback, since it started in the 90s?

    We also had five ferrets over the years, and each of them had a name I still think was perfect, even in hindsight. The first came to us with the name "Ruben", which I would never have considered before, but discovered I really like (especially with "Ru" as a nickname). The second we had from a tiny wee baby, and named "Finley" because he was so much more light and bright and bouncy than adult Ruben. By the time our next came along, Finley was the adult, and we called the madcap new kid "Stinky" for a few days before settling on "Rowdy".

    Finally, our fourth and fifth came from a rescue as a pair, and we named the sable "Amos" right away - a lovely name for a dark-eyed, dark-haired little fellow, and a bit of an homage to Ruben with its origin. The other was a dark-eyed white, a massive fat fluffy beast and the most beautiful ferret I've ever seen. We tried a whole bunch of names on him, because I'm usually not fond of funny/goofy names on pets, but as video game nerds I think we always knew we were going to keep calling him what we'd nicknamed him at the start - once we uttered "Tank" it just stuck <XD
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    Thanks you, fox! That was brilliant!

    And p.s. -- I agree about Buster. Worse. Dog. Name. EV-ER!

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    I currently have an Australian Terrier named Benji. He was a rescue and came named. Its an OK name, I don't hate it, its just very, very unoriginal I feel.
    Our previous rescue was a female Pomeranian named Tiki. I hated that! I actually changed it to Kiki because I thought Tiki was an ugly word on a beautiful little dog.
    I've had two dogs in my life that I've gotten to name myself, a Pitt Bull named Poppy (the perfect name for her, she was so pretty and joyful. Poppy really fit her)
    And a Corgi mix named Sadie Mae. Also a perfect name...such a spunky, kind of naughty little dog, with a spunky name to match.
    I also had a black and white guinea pig named Badger which I love.
    I hate the name Max because its so so overused. Also Luna and Bella for the same reason.
    My aunt has two Jack Russell Terriers named Tuppence and Tillie, which I love. And I know a german shepherd named Samson which is so great on such a big, strong dog.
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