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    I need some puppy name ideas.

    I just got four little puppies. I really need some name ideas because I'm really bad at naming pets. I though of Cookie and Maggie for the girls and Sid, Felix or Dixon for the boys (there are only two), but I'm still not sure about the names for the boys.
    They're all mixed-breed puppies, really fluffy and kinda look like teddy bears, the boys are black with blue eyes and the girls are white with blue eyes as well.
    We alredy have: Penelope (5), Mia (3), Max and Thomas (1) and Clifford (0).
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    We like names that are themed/special. We named our two cats after musicians for example, their names are Zeppelin and Bowie. Our dogs name is Bentley, so that could be an idea for you? Try to imagine calling the name and see if it works with the dogs look.

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