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    What is your pet's full name?

    I know most people have long funny names for their pet. (or at least me…) I was wondering what some other people chose for their pet. Just put the species/breed and the their whole name, as well as any nick names. And if you want, a list of their names and how you chose them.

    Dog- Australian Shepherd mix,

    Cleopatra Penelope Nymphanora

    -Cleo: What we call her. The only name our family could agree on.
    -Penelope: What I wanted to name her. (Penny)
    -Nymphadora: My favorite character from Harry Potter. (Besides Harry Potter) Nymphadora Tonks!

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    Tortoise shell cat

    Zola Bastet Frederica

    Zola: I've loved this name for a really long time, but couldn't see my child with the name. I had a poll thread with Sylvie, Margot and Zola and it came out as the most liked/fitting for her. People said Zola looked very regal and so did my Zola.
    Bastet: Someone mention in the pasr thread that they had it set aside for a future cat because it's a cat goddess. I really liked it with Zola and it added to the regal aspect.
    Frederica: Just a name I added recently while joking around with my grandmother.

    Nicknames: Zoey, ZoZo, Pretty girl, ZoeBean, ZoeyBean, Zoeygirl

    Zola has more nicknames than I can name. I probably confuse the poor kit.

    Here's my girl

    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Peter/Peter Henrik
    Alaric James | Theodore ?
    Charlotte Amara | Katarina Ivy | Beatrix Illyria

    Gemma | Cora | Rosalind | Luna | Elijah | Jeremy

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    A Persian male kitty.

    His name is just Maurice (I propably should add some middles )

    He is name Maurice due to his black color.

    Ah nicknames! I called him often Raven & my family Moo.

    I finally add middle names! Maurice Rhodes Edgar. Rhodes after the singer and Edgar after Poe.
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    "And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,."
    - Edgar Allan Poe
    Selah, Quintana / Roman, Callum.

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    We have two cats.

    Our calico is named Agatha Penelope. I've always loved the name Agatha for a cat. It sounds so witchy and mischievious to me. My boyfriend picked Penelope for her middle name. We pretty much just call her Aggie or Baby Cat.

    That's her in my picture.

    Our gray and white is Allister Horace. I chose Allister because I wanted another 3 syllable name that started with A to match Agatha. I wanted to use Alastor (as in Alastor Moody), but my boyfriend didn't like that spelling so we went with Allister. Horace was his name in the shelter, and we decided to keep it as his middle name. We call him Alley and Alley Cat.
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    Female, Tabby Cat (grey/white/tan/black colors).

    Full Name: Tiger Lilly Jane

    Reason: Her first name is due to her striping, and it fits her purrfectly. She is feisty like a Tiger and sweet like a Lily when she wants to be. Jane is because were I adopted her from found her originally on a military base and her "name" was GI Jane. So I kept Jane as her middle name.

    ETA: Her NN are: Ti, Tiger, Ti Ti, Tig, Lilly, and a few others that have no relation to her name.
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