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Thread: Farm! Chicks +

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    Farm! Chicks +

    What would you name your chicken if you had one~ or more :-D

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    Is it bad my first thought was Henny? I swear I'd temporarily forgotten that a hen was a chicken. It just sounded like a good name.
    Speaking of, Penny would be great too.
    I'd probably name them Ivy, Beemie, and Bess: the chickens in Love, Ruby Lavender which I LOVED when I was a kid. My mom and I used to read it together.
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    That's great ! Anyone have any more ideas?

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    Definitely something old lady,it would just suit their clucky, worrying demeanor

    So something like Maude, Ruthie, Pearl, Bernadette, Elsie, Gretel, Dorothy

    Or a cute play on words could work, I'm thinking Benedict, Yoko, Eggbert etc

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    That's a fun question. My neighbors across the street have four or five chickens and my next door neighbors are also planning to get chickens, maybe eight or so. I would love to help name them

    If I had my own chicks:

    Judith nn Jude
    ~girls~ Lorelai Damaris

    -:-boys-:- Keanu Malachi

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