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Thread: New Kitten

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    New Kitten

    I have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Michael Greger of nutrition

    Planning on naming my tomcat Ser Greger the Magnificent
    would "magnifiCAT" be too far?
    Alexander "Ander" James, Sebastian "Bash" Thomas, Ophelia "Elia" Kate,
    Isabelle "Deal" Cordelia
    , Adeline "Ace" Charlotte Elisabeth, Francis "Wil' William

    Names that don't fit the ASOIAF initialism
    Christopher "Kit" Michael, William "Wil" Xavier
    Desdemona "Desi" Rose, Saoirse "Sha" Aoibheann (rhymes with Kathleen, but Eve-een),
    Audrey "Aud" Blake, Lennox "Knox" Anthea, Eloise "Lou" Delilah

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