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    Names for poodle?

    Hi! So I might be getting a standard poodle--probably going to be a female, interested in a white one but that may not be the case. Need help with names!

    Here are a few my mom suggested:

    Pearl *

    The ones that have a star next to them are the ones I like.

    Any help would be great thanks!

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    I like Tilly or Pearl. I'm not sure Misty would fit for a standard poodle. In my experience standard poodles are smartie pants and show ponies so Misty to me seems too soft, placid, and gentle. A good friend of mine has a six-toed cat named Daisy so I can't be objective about that name. Deedee, Maisie, Gigi are some other suggestions.
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    I think Pearl is the perfect name for a female poodle. If it's not a female, you can name him Abe. A friend of mine named her poodle that and it fits him perfectly.

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    I really like Pearl! A name with a similar vibe is Opal.

    I knew a family with a (male) standard poodle named Sherlock- great name for such an intelligent dog! My neighbor has a cat named Watson, another great choice.

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