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    Similar names to Asben?

    I have been riding horses since I was tiny and the time has come for me to get my own! The horse we are in the process of buying is a light gray QH (white with a gray mane and tail if you aren't horse savvy) Her name is Asben which I do not like and Aspen is okay but bland to me. Are there any names you ca think of that sound similar to Asben so I can adjust her to it?

    So far-
    Avalon (kind of a stretch from Asben but I like it)
    Has Been (my dad's joke, won't be her name but I thought it was funny)
    Jasmine, Yasmine, etc (don't really like them)
    Addison (not very horsey to me)
    Sonnet Elowen Alice, Penelope Iris Luna, Evangeline Lucy Wren, Maisie Winter Nova, Lexington Maeve Eloise, Fable Seraphina, Sailor Keira, Thea Summer Lark, Harbor Ava

    Hendrix Milo Flynn, Roarke Simon Maxwell, Castle Quincy Brave, Calvary Stellan Hawk Canaan Fisher Myles

    Guilty Pleasure-
    Boy: Kohl, Falcon, Myles, Flynnigan, Brave
    Girl: Tigerlily, Larkspur, Tinleigh, Emerson, Maddox

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    I'll brain storm "out loud," is that ok?

    Aslan, maybe? It's a boy name, but it could work on a female horse.

    There's Asbury. A good uncommon choice. There's also Ashby, though a slight stretch.

    You could also pick a name like Robin, Sabin, or Corben (or even Benjamina, Benadette, Benke, Bentley, Benna...) and call her Ben for a while before you start with the full other name, if that makes sense.

    Or you could just choose Pen(n), and maybe switch to Penley after she gets used to it?
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    Asben is cute though!

    (I love horses, you are so lucky !)

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