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    Pets of the past:
    Birdie the bird
    Nathan Nathaniel the hamster
    Chase the Hamster
    Kimcey the Hamster it had a Mickey head shape spot on it's back
    Teddy Ralph the yellow lab
    Moochie the stray a german shepard / collie mix
    Sunrise and Leaperchaun the Spring frogs

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    Oh Goodness, here goes I have MiLady, Darling Cruel(boy), Mayfair, Lena, Vitani, Choco, Dredd, Tweaker, Flutter, Styles, Gage(girl), Banshee, Nix, Styxx and Gable. I know, it's a menagerie,lol

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    Dec 2012
    We have two dogs named Lucky and Hoss.

    We have a bird named Rodrigo. And then my husband has like ten aquariums of fish, but only two of the fish he named, Beowulf and Grendel.

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    Oct 2013
    Current pets: Darcy (gray cat) and Honey (mutt)

    Former pets:
    Cats: Roswell (black cat), Bonzai (black Japanese bobtail cat), Chloe/Trinity (gray cat I shared with roommates and we couldn't agree on a name so we all just called her "the kitten")

    Dog: Krispie - full name Snap-Crackle-Pop Rice Krispie (black lab named so because we found him as a puppy and my sister gave him Rice Krispies to eat until we got dog food).

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    My roommate that happens to be a guinea pig, goes by the name Mathilda. I think I may keep the litterature-theme for future companions, even though I didn't really think about names for pets before I met her at the age of ten. She was a Mathilda from the first moment our eyes met.

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