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    Mar 2014
    Laveen, Arizona

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    Oct 2013
    Dog (Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever - look it up ) : Ripley (boy)
    I used to have fish named: Cal Virginia (I chose the FN, bro chose MN, we got her when I was like 4 or 5), Turquoise (bro was 6, this was his), Talahassee (incredible naming for an 8 year old) Bowie (my bro when he was 8)
    Hermit crab: Royal (I was 13)
    Guinea Pig: Cookie (Awks preteen years)
    Hamsters: Bubbles & Ice Cream (more awks preteen years)

    The best name (by far) is Ripley! If Ripley had been a girl, we would have called her Ginny (Harry Potter!)

    Beatrice, Jane, Rosalie, Alexa, Eleanor, Imogen, Flora, Clara & Adeline
    Gideon, Charlie, Sawyer, Flynn, Wyatt, Hugo, Henry & Lachlan

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    I have a mini lop called Luna and a dog mutt called Kiwi. I also used to have a dog called Baron but he died

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    London, England
    I have six cats (yes I know it's a bit crazy)

    Two are older, and I was fairly young when we got them so I didn't have much of a say in their names; they're Oscar and Derek (people always laugh at that last one)

    Then we have brothers Milo and Chester who were named by me when I was 16 or so
    And recently we've acquired two little girls who came into our lives within 4 months of each other as strays needing homes. We went with Skye for one and Luna for the other.

    We've had many other cats in the past, too: Oliver, Alfie, Barney, Charlie, Timmy, Esme and Poppy

    Lorelai Violet - Louisa Mae - Clara Elizabeth - Verity Jane - Isla Genevieve

    Dashiell Emmett - Theo Lucian - Leo Benjamin - Finley Cassius - Eli Oliver


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    A place in which i am king and you are all my precious underlings.....

    Pet names.

    Bob?:lol:Best name ever,10 outta
    Anyway,I have an albino female Doberman named Hiyori.It means weather in Japanese.Lives with friends,though.
    We have a huge street cat-thing named Lung-Poe,which combined means dragon peacock.Ya know.Just cause.Well,
    actually,it's because I'm still not positive if he's a cat,dog,or evil wizard.
    Then there's my other cat Hebodhi,which is Hebe and Bodhi together.He's a pure-bred American Bobtail,and his stupidity rivals that of box of rocks.Like,he doesn't know how to cat.It's not that hard to lick your leg,Bo.Your making
    a big deal out of it.

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