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    Sep 2013
    Cat named Snickers and a dog named Babs.

    Best pet name was for a hamster years ago - M.C. Hamster

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    Jul 2012
    Currently just Minnie the cat, but my roommate has convinced me that next year we'll get a Shiba Inu and call her Laila.
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    New Zealand
    I have two cats Rusty (f) and Ozzy (m) and an orange goldfish called Freckle.
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    My pets now are a pair of hamsters named Buffy & Angel, and a parakeet names Fiyero. Though mostly Buffy is just 'my big girl' because she is the largest hamster I have ever had. And Angel has ended up to mostly be called 'Pretty Face'. He likes it just fine :-D My bird would let me call him anything as long as I sit next to his cage & talk to him. LOL.

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    We have a large number of pets in our family
    A Bulldog named Draco
    A Newfoundland named Hagrid
    A Saint Bernard named Susan.
    We also have a Himalayan cat named Ginny, a Ragamuffin named Dudley, and a Ragdoll named Oliver.
    We also have two goldfish who Lily named Splish and Splash and are (as she calls them) her best friends that live in water.
    Been obsessed with names and their meanings for years

    Proud Mother of Robert Louis (Robby,3/16/05) and Lillian Rain (Lily,8/23/07)

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    Missing Baby Laura Jean (6/14/09-6/15/09)

    Mother too six furbabies Draco, Hagrid, Susan, Ginny, Dudley, and Oliver
    Also we have two fish Splish and Splash

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