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    Nov 2011
    We have two cats currently. One is named Rorschach, who we were calling "Schach" but he was too friendly and docile so we started calling him Rory which fits him perfectly. Our other cat, Roxanne nn Roxy, is in my user picture. She is unbelievably sassy and gorgeous.

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    Sep 2012
    We have 2 cats Ebonie and Frank and 2 dogs Gypsy and Pennie. Also two birds Twinkles and Flush.

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    Sep 2012
    Grand Rapids, MI
    I have two cats: Dexter and Tater.

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    Our dog is Rufus. He's a little guy under 15 pounds so people are always surprised to learn his name. Big name for a little guy! We didn't actually name him because we got him from a rescue when he was 1 and already had the name. We didn't love it then, but I truly love it now! If we ever get another dog, we'll probably name him Hudson.

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    I have a golden retriever. Her name Lola-Bear, but sometimes I call her Bear.


    Mommy to
    Violet Angelina 02/14/11 Our little Valentine's Day surprise
    January Lucia 01/01/13 Our little New Year's surprise
    Myles Nicoli 10/23/2014 Our little bundle of joy

    My Current Favorites are:
    Aria, Marcella, Cosette, Victoria, Coralie
    Myles, Graham, Bryce, Archer, Rowan

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