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Thread: Your Class

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    the scotland in my dreams.

    Re: Your Class

    Girls (14)
    Moira Katherine Mandifield
    Lucy Alice Morbey
    Hattie Susannah Freestone
    Sophie Rebecca Fyrth
    Jessamine Willard Tudgay
    Romilly Elizabeth Penswick
    Minna Olivia Nelligan
    Della Molly Mennithorp
    Anthea Violet Atmore
    Hannah Olympia Pearl Eagland
    Hermione Mary Clemmow
    Nancy Julia Collett
    Emma Thomasine Kane
    Ruby Antonia Yearnsley

    Boys (11)
    Charlie Nigel Coppard
    John Tennyson Cadamy
    Jago Felix Hedderly
    Niles John Hutchinson
    Duncan Frederick Saywell
    James Michael Goulborne
    Timothy Jonathan Mosedill
    Caspar Morten Copnar
    Rafferty Wharton Swafield
    Quincy Mark Challoner
    Neville Alexander Penburton

    That was fun!
    "Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like."

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    Midwestern USA

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    Rhode Island
    1 Comet Andrea Hammond.
    2 Milla Josephine Dwyer.
    3 Ann Cathryn Fair.
    4 Siri Elisabeth Swanson.
    5 Trilby Michele Gonzalez.
    6 Peggy Leah Pereira.
    7 Audra Makayla Healey.
    8 Joan Marrissa Young.
    9 Octavia Phyllis DeMedeiros.
    10 Seraphina Izabella Coderre.
    11 Yvaine Hanna Aissis.
    12 Elodie Ashley Knight.
    13 Ottilia Mariel Brown.
    14 Evelyn Jessika Jackson.

    1 Phineas Jacob Garcia.
    2 Schuyler Bryan McMahon.
    3 Oslo George Larbi.
    4 Kaysen Zachariah Costa.
    5 Claes Colton Ginsburg.
    6 Kai Ryan Jahumpa.
    7 Quentin Ty Nelson.
    8 August Mathew Lee.
    9 Crew Bailey Poulin.
    10 Zeus Drew Tellini.
    11 Emmett Carlisle Aldcroft.

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