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    You and your boyfriend ___________ want a baby, but both decide to wait till after the wedding.
    What kind of wedding do you have, and where is it located? After the wedding you take a honeymoon at a romantic getaway island. What island do you pick? Once you and your husband have the romantic honeymoon getaway that you both needed, you find out that you are pregnant with two beautiful baby girls. What do you name them, what do they look like, and what do their rooms look like.

    Four and a half months into your pregnancy you find a new house to live in once you realize that your 2 bedroom apartment wont be enough living space. Describe the house in detail. You cant do much moving so you call in a moving crew and some of your husbands friends to help you move all your new baby furniture, and your old furniture. You decide on which room the girls will have when you bring them home.

    When the twins are 5 you and your husband miss having a baby around so you decide to have another baby. It's a baby boy! What do you name him, what does he look like, and what does his room look like? When your twins are 7 and your son is 2 you find out that your mother has cancer and will have to go through radiation. You decide to go stay with your parents to help out. Do you bring anyone with you or go alone.? After radiation you find out that your mom will be okay so you stay their for a little while longer just in case, and when you feel okay going home you go back to your house.

    When the girls are 12 and your son is 7 you find out your pregnant again. This time you have quadruplets. Three girls and a boy! What do you name them, what do they look like, what do their rooms look like, and do they get their own room?

    When the quads are 5, your son is 12, and the twins girls are 17 you decide to go on a family vacation. You want to go somewhere everyone in the family would enjoy. The girls think it should be somewhere they could bring a few friends or there boyfriends, while your son thinks it should be to Disney World. You need to make a compromise. Where do you go?

    For the girls eighteenth birthday you decide to get the girls new matching cars. What kind of car do you get them and what color is it? Your sons birthday is coming up and being a teenager you decide to get him a phone, what kind of phone do you get him, and what wireless phone company is it through. For the quads you get them each something different. What do you get them?

    After a few years without a baby in the house you decide to have another baby or adopt. Which do you choose. You decide to use your friends name or middle name your choice. What is the babies gender and name?

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    Me: Adelaide Rosemarie McGee (de Pablo).
    DH: Christopher Dean McGee.

    Apartment Building:
    - Exeter, Rhode Island.


    - Westerly, Rhode Island.

    1. Sophie Catherine McGee.
    2. Ava Penelope McGee.
    3. Declan Alexander McGee.
    4. Charlotte Mae McGee.
    5. Hazel Grace McGee.
    6. Sarah Isabelle McGee.
    7. Jasper Charles McGee.
    8. Ashleigh Kate McGee.

    Sophie and Ava's Bedroom:
    Declan's Bedroom:
    Charlotte, Hazel, and Sarah's Bedroom:
    Jasper's Bedroom:

    Mother: Laura Elizabeth de Pablo (David).
    Father: Edward Raphael de Pablo.
    Best Friend: Ashley Hope Gallen.

    Sophie's BF: Gabriel Graham Vance.
    Ava's BF: Aiden Theodore Brennan.
    Sophie and Ava's Friends: Victoria Helene Palmer & Cassandra Brie Carroll.

    Sophie and Ava's Cars:
    (Sophie's is the black one, Ava's is the white one)

    Declan's Phone:

    Charlotte, Hazel, Sarah, and Jasper's Bunnies: Lola, Pansy, Luna, & Poppy.

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