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Thread: "lamb" Names?

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    "lamb" Names?

    So this time i ask you to inspire me with some Names that mean "lamb" or remind you of lambs or just have somehow something to do with lambs.
    Anything will do.


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    Re: "lamb" Names?

    My personal name list on behindthename:
    My List of Name Combos:
    Please vote.

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    Re: "lamb" Names?

    Nessa means lamb

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    Re: "lamb" Names?

    Here are two words meaning "lamb" that can be used nicely as feminine names:

    Shafida (Esperanto, phonetic spelling)
    Karitsa (Finnish)

    -- Nephele

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    Re: "lamb" Names?

    My first thought was Dolly (the sheep..) but prob not what you're looking for!

    2nd thought, Mary (has a little lamb). Okay prob not what you're looking for either, but those two were my first thoughts!

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