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    I shall bring out my GP list (well, at least my love but can't use list, because what most people would consider to be a GP list is my Character List)
    Most of my problem is that I come from a Greek family. Can you picture any of these names on a little Greek kid? What would my mother say if I picked any of these? Can these even translate to Greek?

    Audriana/Audrianna- I always loved the sound of this name, but I think people would think I made it up or that I'm trying to be kre8tive with Audrey
    Cosette- Of course, who doesn't love Les Mis. But am I French? No. Would it make any sense if I used it?
    Dorothea- I can't imagine anyone but me loving it. And my grandmother had a friend named Dorothy so I can't see this name without thinking of her. I think that Theodora works better, but I can't help but liking it anyway. This name only works on certain little girls, along with Dorothy. If they don't have the spunk to wear it, it's not worth using it.
    Felicity- I love it. Love the meaning, the sound of it. And it was an American Girl Doll, the colonial one (my favorite time period), and I collect dolls; so I have that special connection with it. Could I ever use it as a first name? No. I would get so many weird looks. As a middle, maybe.
    Josephine- Again, this is too grand and French and over the top for my parents to ever accept. And my mother's best friend's mother's name is Josephine, so I can't use it. Not that I ever knew her, but my mother....
    Madeleine- Again, the French thing. This would make no sense on a Greek child. Maybe for the middle, but I doubt it. It is so classy and beautiful. But I can't
    Marie- Okay, this one has to do with my Aristocats obsession. Marie would be one of the only usable names in that movie. But in the USA, it is pronounced so boring. The French pronunciation is so much prettier. And, my grandmother's name is Mary, and my mother hates her. So if I ever used this name, and didn't honor her, their would be a problem (her name is Daphne and I hate it).
    Miranda- I love the literary reference. It is pretty, but I don't think my parents or anyone else would like it. Maybe for a middle.
    Natalie- I have loved this name since fifth or sixth grade. But it is so popular that I just can't use it, and I don't think this name would make any sense to my Greek relatives.
    Ophelia- I think it sounds so pretty, but the whole story kind of turns me off (although I haven't read it, so I can't say it completely bothers me), and what would my mother say! "What a stupid name"
    Rosalind & Rosaline- I love these. Absolutely love them. The literary reference, the rose, the meaning. Its all perfect. But then, I come back to my Greekness and I say, "This is never going to work."
    Scarlett- Again with the literary reference. Love Gone With The Wind. But its become trendy, and again, this name wouldn't make sense to my Greek relatives.
    On to the boys...
    Alexander- One of my closest cousins is named Alexandra, so I couldn't
    Asher- I think my mother would hate this one.
    Benjamin- My mother has told me she hated this one. I think its so cute though
    Charles- I think it sounds so grown up and sophisticated. My mother doesn't like it.
    Frederick- I love the sound of it and again it sounds sophisticated to me, but I think my Greek relatives would hate it.
    Isidore- I like this one, but I like Isadora much more, and I can't have them both.
    Lincoln- I love the presidential reference. My mother doesn't particularly care for it though.
    Marius- Again the French, Les Mis thing. It would never work, but I like it anyway.
    Oliver- Its become to trendy for me. But I still like it.
    Percy- People think its to posh and stuck up. I like it, mostly because of Percy Jackson. I guess I have an attraction to French names that I didn't know I had.
    Raphael- This name sounds so romantic to me. Put it next to Romeo. I can't imagine anyone in my family, besides me, liking it.
    Rhett- Again, this name sounds so strong and masculine and romantic. This may just be because of Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind. This wouldn't fly with my family.
    Robin- This name is now more commonly used for girls, so I think it would be cruel to use it on a boy (this is the same with my feelings for the name Ashley, but I love him so)

    I know my mother will make fun of a name if I chose a weird one or any of these. I know because I've made fun with her. So I have to be careful with what I choose to please my big fat Greek family. But I won't be having kids for a while so I have a lot of time to test all of these names with her. Maybe, just maybe I'll win one, like I did with Amelia and Isadora last week (I haven't tested Amelie yet, so wish me luck!). That was a long post, sorry about that.
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    Any jewel name as a first name-- sounds too flashy and "girly-girl"
    May/Mae-- too hard to use in conversation, as "May" is both the name of a month and a verb
    Alice-- makes me think of "Alice in Wonderland"
    Katrina-- VERY beautiful name, but now associated with the devastating hurricane that hit the Gulf of Mexico in 2007
    Flower names-- for the same reason as the jewel names
    Angela-- I'm not super crazy for the nickname "Angie"
    Zoe-- people sometimes pronounce it "Zo"

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    Names that our surname will make unusable;
    Any ‘C’ or ‘K’ name - Caleb, Clara, Cordelia, Clarice, Charlotte, Claudia, Kieran
    Malcolm – The ‘k’ sound in the middle clashes
    Ophelia – I ADORE this name, but realised today that with our surname could be used as innuendo for lady parts if paired with this name, i.e. ‘O-feel-ya (insert innuendo)’. :-(

    Names my fiancé hates;
    Hester, Zachary, Owen (apparently Owen Wilson ruined this name for him!), Damaris, Fabian, Andrew

    Names that are too ‘out there’ to use;
    Nyx, Aurelius, Digory, Loki, Phineas, Malachi

    Names that are already in use by family members;
    Adam, Ruth, Louise, Helen, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Michael, Alex (also an ex), Anne, Joseph

    Names that have been ruined by association;
    Sara, Laurie, Lauren, Patrick (my sister’s ex)
    Girls: Alice, Anna, Astrid, Beatrice, Clara, Elodie, Emily, Evelyn, Hannah, Hermione, Lorna, Phoebe, Sophie, Sylvia
    Boys: Andrew, Arthur, Elliot, Griffin, Hamish, Henry, Leopold, Martin, Peter, Robin, Rupert, Thomas, Tobias, William
    Guilty Pleasures: Athena, Damaris, Digory, Emrys, Ganymede, Hester, Jessamine, Phineas, Myrtle, Nymeria, Nyx

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    Amanda- too outdated
    Ireland- too tied to Alec Baldwin
    Eryn- too tryndee sawndeeng
    Enya- makes me think of the Irish singer
    London- bad experiences
    Maya- have a cousin named this
    Amaya- too close to Maya
    Marleigh/Marley- WAY too common in my area
    Charleigh- same thing
    Marlow- makes me think of Christopher Marlowe

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