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Thread: Think/Say

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    Aug 2013
    Say: Hey Rommily, what a pretty name!
    Think: I love Rommily, but Noa looks like its missing the r.. or trying too hard to be a girls name. Eli is cute, but it doesnt go with Rommily.

    This is my son Ian Dominic.

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    Say: Hi Ian!

    Think: I don't think I've ever met an Ian under 40, I wonder if he's named after someone. It's a nice change from hearing all the most popular names but it doesn't sit right on a little boy.

    These are my boys Ezra Benjamin (9) and Jude Michael (6).

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    Jul 2013
    Say: Hey boys!
    Think: They are fine names but not my style.

    This is my daughter, Sylvia Harper.

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    Jan 2014
    Say: Hi Sylvia!

    Think: I really like Sylvia, but slightly prefer Sylvie. I do think that Sylvia goes better with Harper, though. That's a pretty nice combo.

    My son Idris Conrad just met his sister Ramona Elspeth for the first time!

    Simon Frederick ~ Walter Lewis ~ Charles August ~ Thomas

    Eleanor Violet ~ Alice Ruby ~ Rose Juliet

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    Feb 2013
    Say: Hey Idris and Ramona! You guys have cool names!

    Think: I like the middles, Ramona is NMS, Idris is pretty cool, I've never heard of it before, though.

    Here are my daughters Adelaide Grace (8), Sophia Isabel (6), and Caroline Julia (5). My son Joseph Oliver (3) is over on the playscape.
    Erin * Eleanor "Ellie" * Caroline * Claire * Mary * Grace * Anna * Sophie * Madeleine * Margaret "Maisy" *

    James * Henry * Paul * Owen *Charles "Charlie" *

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