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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Kenneth Jude and Camille Julie, such beautiful names for two beautiful babies!
    Think: Absolutely LOVE the name Kenneth but I dont think Jude is a great middle name, Camille Julie is too dated for my taste.

    I'd like to introduce my triplets
    Ariana Lou
    Sari Vienna
    Kailan Eliot

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    Say: Wow triplets! They must keep you very busy!

    Think: interesting names,I love Ariana and Sari, although I don't think Vienna is the best match for Sari, makes it seem like you're trying to hard to be super trendy.
    Kailan isn't my style, a bit too much like Kaidan but it's not awful.

    This is my daughter Rommily Noa. And her big brother, Eli, is over there playing soccer

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    Aug 2013
    Say: Hey Rommily, what a pretty name!
    Think: I love Rommily, but Noa looks like its missing the r.. or trying too hard to be a girls name. Eli is cute, but it doesnt go with Rommily.

    This is my son Ian Dominic.

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    Say: Hi Ian!

    Think: I don't think I've ever met an Ian under 40, I wonder if he's named after someone. It's a nice change from hearing all the most popular names but it doesn't sit right on a little boy.

    These are my boys Ezra Benjamin (9) and Jude Michael (6).

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    Say: Hey boys!
    Think: They are fine names but not my style.

    This is my daughter, Sylvia Harper.

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