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Thread: Think/Say

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    May 2012
    Say: How cute! Enoch & Erskine fabulous names.
    Think: Gavin Matthias & Polly Meredith are absolutely wonderful. Melba, Jethro, Enoch & Erskine are so so so good too.

    My children, Julian, Audrey, Marian, Benjamin & Ida, love animals. We have two corgi's, George & Iver, and a cat called Ffion.
    Jude, blackbird.

    Amelia \//\ Teddy /\\/ Frances \//\ Leila /\\/ Marian \//\ Goldy /\\/ Frida \//\ Petra /\\/ Tilde \//\ Lois /\\/Dorothy

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    Oct 2013
    Say: Who doesn't like animals?
    Think: That's a lot of kids and a lot of naming opportunities. Julian, Audrey, Marian, Benjamin and Ida are a great sibset, but none are really my cup of tea. George, Iver and Ffion are cute for animals. I wish George was a monkey :P

    My daughters Coralyn and Avalie just had their first horse ride! They loved it! Cora announced she wants to be a professional rider, and Ava's at that age where she wants to do whatever Cora wants to do.

    Beatrice, Jane, Rosie, Winnie & Adeline
    Gideon, Charlie, Sawyer, Flynn & Lachlan

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    Sydney, Australia
    Say: How exciting! Maybe you should look at enrolling them in regular lessons!
    Think: While I don't think I'd use then, Coralyn and Avalie are beautiful names and are great names for sisters.

    We just got my daughters, Thea Persephone and Arden Lux, a labradoodle puppy for Thea's ninth birthday. She loves him and has decided to call him Apollo.
    c a r a

    love each other, respect all life and don't run with scissors.

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    Say: I had a dog when I was young! They're so much fun! My daughter's been begging for one as well. We told her maybe for her 10th birthday
    Think: I love Thea! Persephone, Arden and Lux aren't my style, and I don't think Thea and Arden go very well together. Apollo is adorable for a dog. Thea's a good namer.

    My daughter Isla Penelope likes to play with the neighbours dog. Their daughter is 7 as well and is named Elsa Harriet.

    Beatrice, Jane, Rosie, Winnie & Adeline
    Gideon, Charlie, Sawyer, Flynn & Lachlan

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    Say: That's great your daughter has a friend right next door!!

    Think: Isla Penelope seems a little trendy for me Elsa Harriet is much more classic, definitely something I would use.

    Hi this is my daughter Mabel Lorraine and her little sister Dinah Lucille.

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