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Thread: Think/Say

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramagrl19 View Post
    Say: Hello girls!
    Think: The only name I don't like here is Josephine. The rest are beautiful.

    This is my son, Archer Cohen James.
    just to let you know, I LOVE this name!
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    Addison, Britton, Ella, Cara, Kennedy, & Leighton
    Beckett, Hudson, Greyson, Drew, Finn, & Hunter
    name suggestions are welcome any time, message me!

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    Say: Well good luck with that you two!

    Think: There is no name to comment on. Tina and Leon are blah names for the parents though.

    My sister Paulina and her children will be stopping by soon, her husband is a literature professor so the kids names are a bit esoteric, hope you can stay until they come. Let's see there's the three girls Tova Clementine, Treva Pilar and Dove Cordelia plus they'll be picking their brother Poe Eben up from school on the way. They're quite a lively bunch!

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    Say: I'm looking forward to meeting them!
    Think: Tova and Treva are waaay too close for sisters. Tova reminds me of a dog I knew named Topher and Treva reminds me of Trevor. Dove and Poe are NMS> I like Clementine and Cordelia.

    Hi, I'd like you to meet my daughters, Eden and Katerina. They are twins.

    Beatrice, Jane, Rosie, Winnie & Adeline
    Gideon, Charlie, Sawyer, Flynn & Lachlan

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    Say: Congratulations!
    Think: Are they asking me for advice on what to name their baby?

    Have you met my son Troy Alexander? Sorry that he's hiding behind my legs, he's a little shy

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    Say: Hello Troy!
    Think: I've known several Troys and none of them have left a good impression, so I can't really get behind this name. Alexander is a nice, classic middle name.

    This is my daughter, Marion Elaine.

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