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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi
    Think: I do not like Eleanora, and I do not like the nn Nora. Theodora and Eleanora sound too similar for me. Ezra, I do not like. Ruby is the only name I like.

    This is my daughter Tiffany Marie.

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    Say: Wow, what great names! Hi, Nora and Teddy!
    Think: Both names are gorgeous and go together perfectly. I just wish they'd gone with Eleanor instead, because Eleanora Ruby is really hard to say.

    Say: Hi Tiffany!
    Think: Nothing spectacular here. I'm really not a fan of Tiffany, and Marie is kind of filler-ish.

    This is my daughter, Violet Evangeline.
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    Say: Hi Violet! I love your name!
    Think: What. a. NAME!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! Love love love!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Say: Hi, girls!
    Think: Emily would be better if it were spelled Emelie; Sofia is a variation of Sophia and Emelie is a variation of Emily. Mariana is very beautiful, though, and it sounds great with Emily. Sofia is amazing!!! Amaryllis sounds beautiful, especially with Sofia, but I had to copy and paste the name from your post to mine because I couldn't spell it.

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    Say: Hello Bella & Danny!

    Think: I like each name individually (especially Bellamy Wren!), but I don't like them as a sibset.

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