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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello there, kids!

    Think: Woah, I really like all the thought put into these names! The flow is off a little, but they make up for it in sentimental meaning. I like the name "William," but I feel it's is a little bland next to Violet.

    Meet my daughter, Augusta Delphine. She goes by Aggie and she wants to be an artist.
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    Say: Hello, Aggie!
    Think: Augusta is kind of gross, and Delphine is NMS. Sorry.

    Meet my daughter, Bellamy Harper.
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    Say: Hi
    Think: I do not like Bellamy. There is a company called Bellami, and that kind of ruins it for me. It sounds made up. I like Harper, though. Just not with Bellamy.

    Meet my daughter Daisy Mae.

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    Say: Hey, Daisy.
    Think: A little too cutesy for my taste, but sweet.

    This is my daughter, Lina. It's short for Evangeline. (BTW, the line part of both names rhymes with green. )
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    Say: Hi Lina!
    Think: I'm so glad she clarified that it rhymes with green, I would have said line-a otherwise. Rhyming with green is so much prettier! Evangeline is NMS but its a bit better when it rhymes with green, and Lina is super cute!

    Meet my daughters Skye Katherine and Tessa Charlotte. I'm pregnant with my 3rd daughter, Liv, short for Olive. Do you have any middle name suggestions? I can't think of any I like.
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