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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Juliet and Asa
    Think: Love Juliet and Victoria as separate names, but not together. Asa Philip is NMS.

    Meet my twins Imogen Catalina and Tessa Jane. Their best friends are also twins and their names are Maeve Katrina and Rosalie Jane. (ignore the fact that both Tessa and Rosalie have the same middle name. Just pretend these girls are friends and it's by chance! I really want opinions on all of these names as individuals and as twin pairs. THANKS! )

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    Say: Hey kids!
    Think: Love both of these names! I love Asa. Juliet Victoria is really classy and lovely, and I really like Asa Phillip. I don't have a single complaint.

    Say: Hello!
    Think: Tessa Jane seems a bit plain next to Imogen Catalina, but I really like all of these names and think that both combinations flow well! Rosalie Jane is pretty, the word "quaint" cames to mind, but in a good way. Maeve Katrina is probably by least favorite of the four combinations, but I still like it. I think it's a name that will serve her will, and Maeve Katrina is much prettier and more interesting to me than Katrina Maeve. All in all, I like everything.

    These are my sons, Hugo Peregrine and Indio Ranulph.
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    "Hi boys!"

    Think: I love the name Indio; its one of my favorites. Hugo is cute, but I've never been a fan of Peregrine (still not sure how to pronounce that). Ranulph is okay.

    "These are my kids, Finnegan Leo and Penelope Rose. They go by Nell and Finn."
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    Say: Hi there!
    Think: I like Penelope Rose, but I don't like Nell as a nn. Finnegan Leo is nms.

    Meet my daughters Naomi Love and Dahlia Winter.

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    Say: "Hello girls!"

    Think: I actually really like the combo Dahlia Winter! I'm not particularly fond of "Love" as a name, but I like the pairing of Naomi & Dahlia

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