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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jun 2013
    Hello Adrian Jack!

    Think: Jack is a solid name but not keen on Adrian purely for lack of suitable nicknames. Aidy?

    Meet my daughter Aubrey Emmelyn

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    Apr 2012
    A little town of Cary
    Nice to meet you, Aubrey.

    Think: Aubrey is quite dated, and Emmelyn is too unique for me.

    Meet my daughter, Amelie Luciana.
    A writer and a student. Just another berry, probably under-ripe.

    ( o.o ) Helping Bunny to world dominance.
    ( >< )

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    Mar 2012
    Say: Hello, Amelie.
    Think: Amelie is a gorgeous name, but I'm not a fan of Luciana. Both names together sound pretty.

    I'd like to introduce my children, Sylvie Primrose Juliet, Blythe Arabella Finch, Aspen Beatrice Whimsy, and Lennox Darcy Azrael
    Name loving BritBerry

    //Penrose Luna, Indigo Temperance, Sunny Matilda, Posey Isabella, Clio Susannah//
    //Prosper William, Mackenzie Jude, Leo Gabriel, Elliott Rafferty, Eli Dakota//

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    Apr 2013
    south sound
    Say: Hi children!
    Think: Names I like out of all those are: Juliet. That's basically it. Sylvie and Arabella are cute but are NMS. Not a huge fan of sibsets that all have 2 middle names.

    This is my son Ellery Emmett and my daughter Coralie Celeste.

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Idony, Adeline, Elizabeth, Sage, Delphine

    Boys: Adrian, Halcyon, Everett, Nathaniel, Elliott, Brighton, Theodore, Levi, Camden

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    May 2013
    Say: Hi, Ellery! Hi Coralie!
    Thinks: Weirdly, I like all of those names but not either of the combinations or the sibset. I usually like alliteration but in this case I'm just not a fan.

    This is my daughter Audrey Estelle.
    Teen writer, pianist, sci-fi geek, cat-owner and name enthusiast.

    Calvin Augustus ~ Matilda Josephine
    Roland | Walter | Alonzo | Orson | Beatrice | Elspeth | Agatha | Sunny
    Fitzgerald | Winston | Montgomery | Hugo | Clemency | Zelda | Astrid | Ophelia

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