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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Sylvia!

    Think: Lovely name! Great combo and the names work very well together! It's very boring in my opinion though. These names just simply aren't my style, and I've also never liked Sylvia or Jane. I find Jane incredibly boring and plain, and Sylvia sounds ugly and old lady-ish to me... Just not my style.

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    Say: Hi Luna! I love your name.
    Think: I love the name Luna, but Persephone was ruined for me by a primary school bully.

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    Say: Hello Kit and Trixie!
    Think: Usually those names wouldn't be my taste, but for some reason I love them. They sound more like fictional character names then actual children's names, though.

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    Say: Hi Flynn and Abby!
    Think: Love the names! Super cute. I like the combos as well.

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    Think: Always disliked Darcy but Maeve is nice.

    Say: Hello. This is my daughter Althea Posy Smith. I think we have an appointment at 2:44.

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