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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jul 2013
    Say: Hello Rosalie and Holden! Nice to meet you!
    Think: Rosalie is cute, Artemis isn't my style. I don't like either Holden or Barnaby.

    Meet my twins Finn Asher and Blaise Edward

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    Jul 2013
    United States
    Say: Hi boys!

    Think: Great twin names, and great individual combos! They're not my style though.

    Meet my daughters, Seraphina, Ariella, and Winifred. We call them "Sera", "Ella" & "Winnie" for short.
    twenty, virgo, college student,
    lover of nature, fairy tales, and anything fantasy˙·٠(◡‿◡✿)

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    Jun 2012
    A Town Called Alice
    Say: Hey girls!
    Think: I feel like Winifred missed out on a frilly name like her sisters, although I vastly prefer it to Seraphina and Ariella. Winnie is cute.

    Meet my children: Llewellyn and Eugenie.
    Ingrid | Kit | Esclarmonde | Alistair | Susanna | Emun

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    May 2012
    Say: Hi kids
    Think: Llew..what?

    These are my best friends Gabrielle Frances, Tyron Luke, Gabrielle Eve and Alicia Morgan, they go by Gabby, Ty, Ellie and Leesha
    17 year old girl in year 12 (: I write when I can so I'm always on the lookout for new names. JT is my life <3

    Girls: Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan
    Boys: Jackson, Rixon, Seamus, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Rian (prn Ree-an), Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper

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    Apr 2013
    Say: Hi guys!
    Think: Adore Gabriella, but does there have to be two? Gabby is nice as well. Not crazy about Frances, though. I don't really like Tyron, but Luke is cool. Eve is perfect with Gabrielle. I also like Alicia, that's my favorite spelling, but not so much Morgan.

    Meet my twins, Marina Penelope and Annabeth Noelle, and their brother, Frederick Oliver, but he goes by Freddie.

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