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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jan 2013
    Say: Hi Iva! Your name is so pretty!
    Think: Iva is very unusual, but I love it. I've never been much of a fan of Primrose, but it is so incredibly pretty paired with Iva. I'm absolutely in love with this combination!

    My name is Clara Emmeline (Klah-Ra Em-Ah-Lǝn), and these are my siblings, Violet Evangeline and Sebastian Thomas. Oh yeah, and this is our ragdoll cat, Sherlock.
    Writer, Reader, Teacher

    Girls: Isla (Charlotte?), Willow Estelle
    Boys: Harper Samuel, Jasper Nathaniel

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    Apr 2011
    Hi guys!
    Think: Love your names. Sherlock is a great name for a pet.

    My little girl, Melody Isobel.

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    Aug 2009
    Say: Hi Melody!
    Think: Melody and Isobel are beautiful names, separately, but they don't flow properly in my mind.

    Meet my children; Cara Sydney, Michael Gage, Miles Allen, & Candace Pearl.
    "Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
    Glinda, Wicked

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    Jun 2013
    Say: Hi guys! Nice to meet you all.
    Think: None of their names are really my style at all, with the exception of Pearl. I think the names are a bit dated.

    Meet my twins: Sylvan Augustus Wolf and Thalia Delphine Frost
    [formerly nj003]

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    Dec 2012
    Say: Hey Sylvan! Hi Thalia! How are you?
    Think: Not a huge fan of either of the first names, but love Delphine & Augustus Wolf. I don't like Frost on a girl though. They make a lovely twin set though.

    Meet my daughter Beatrix Valentine, she goes by Trixie. Today her friends Cicely Indigo, Phoebe Isabel & Alice Calypso are at our house for a play date.

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