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Thread: Think/Say

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    Mar 2013
    Say: Hi Kit
    Think: I don't think that flows well and I'm not a fan of Kit. Sorry. I like Cecilia, though.

    Hello, this is my son Reichen Joel. It's pronounced Rye-ken.

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    Say: Hi Reichen!
    Think: I love Reichen but I'm not really a fan of Joel.

    This is my daughter Kasiani Grace.

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    Say: Hi!

    Think: I would much rather see Kasia or Cassia. Kasiani looks like the parents were trying too hard. Grace is just so tiring in the middle...I would rather see Rose in the middle slot.

    This is my daughter Kestrel Alice. She likes to go by Kess.
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    Say: Hello Kess! That's a pretty name.

    Think: Kess is pretty and unusual, it reminds me of Tess. I can't say the same for Kestrel, it sounds like some kind of oil. Alice is nice and not a name that gets used as a middle often.

    I like you to meet my daughter Iva Primrose.

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    Say: Hi Iva! Your name is so pretty!
    Think: Iva is very unusual, but I love it. I've never been much of a fan of Primrose, but it is so incredibly pretty paired with Iva. I'm absolutely in love with this combination!

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