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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jun 2013
    Say: Hi!
    Think: What beautiful names!

    Hi, this is my daughter Laurel Genevieve
    19 year old name lover
    Currently obsessed with Charlotte Eve & Jude Oliver
    United States

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    Aug 2011
    California, USA
    Say: Hi!

    Think: Laurel Genevieve looks nice written out, but there's something about the sound that's a little off to me. I like Genevieve more than Laurel, and I think I would rather see Genevieve Laurel.

    Hello! This is my son, Benedict Roscoe.
    ~ Catholic. College. Communicative Disorders. ~
    (updated 11/3/15)
    Saints, Classics, & Norwegian Boyfriend's Influence
    ~ Alice Georgina ~ Aurora Seraphina ~ Elizabeth "Elska" Cecilia ~ Genevieve Astrid ~ Juliet Sunniva ~

    ~ Caspian Alexander ~ Declan Raphael ~ Ronan Oliver ~ Sebastian Anthony ~

    Musings: ~ Charlotte Francesca ~

    (I'm using the soo-NEE-va pronunciation of Sunniva)

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    Apr 2013
    Say: Hi Benedict!

    Think: I really hope he goes by Ben. Benedict Arnold isn't the best person to share a name with. And Roscoe is a name I would rather use for my dog, not my son.

    Hello, these are my twin daughters, Maxine Louisa "Max" and Matilda Juliet "Mattie".

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    May 2013
    Say: Hi Max, hi Mattie!
    Think: I love Matilda Juliet, and Louisa is pretty. I usually would like Maxine "Max" but I don't think it quite works in this sibset.

    These are my twins Calvin Scott and Hazel Wren. Both middle names honor family.
    Teen writer, pianist, sci-fi geek, cat-owner and name enthusiast.

    Calvin Augustus ~ Matilda Josephine
    Roland | Walter | Alonzo | Orson | Beatrice | Elspeth | Agatha | Sunny
    Fitzgerald | Winston | Montgomery | Hugo | Clemency | Zelda | Astrid | Ophelia

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    Feb 2013
    New York.
    Say: Hi!
    Think: What lovely names! Scott is the only one I'm not crazy about, but if it's honoring family, that's great. I LOVE Hazel Wren, and I hope Calvin doesn't mind going by Cal!

    These are my daughters, Eliora Jane, Lucienne Aurora, and Madeline Lily. Eliora and Lucienne are usually Ellie and Lucie.
    Coming soon -- unsurprisingly.

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