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Thread: Think/Say

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    Aug 2011
    Say: Hi!

    Think: Penelope Alice is so darling! I wonder if she goes by a nickname. Penny Alice would be so adorable! I love the name Peter, and while I want to love Gray, I just can't. The combo itself is nice though.

    This is Bellamy Aurelia.
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    Jul 2011
    Say: Hi sweetheart!
    Think: Great flow though neither of the names is my favourite, each has something appealing about it. However Aurelia does have a certain displeasing "oral" sound to it.

    These are my twins Halli Magnolia and Piper Azalea.

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    Aug 2012
    Say: Hello.
    Think: Not my style. Nice flow to both, and the flowery middle names are very cute.

    This is my son, Sachin Mayur. It's an Indian name, pronounced Sa-chin May-Ur.
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    Say: Hi Sachin!
    Think: I don't love or hate it. It's very unusual. I got Sachin right, but Mayur was a little harder. I wouldn't use it.

    These are my daughters Sunday "Sunny" Fiona, and Rosalie Cynthia, along with their best friend, Nicolette "Nikki" Penelope.

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    Say: Hello girls!

    Think: I'm not a fan of Sunday for a name. The names Nicolette and Penelope are not my favorites. I love Fiona though.

    Hello, this is my son Thatcher Blue.

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