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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Oliver, Phoebe and Imogen.
    Think: Oliver Samuel is a pretty classic sounding name. Neither names are really favorites of mine. Phoebe is a lovely name, but it doesn't go well with Madeleine. Imogen is a nice name as well, but it really doesn't go with a name like Christina.

    Meet mu son Harley Ryan

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    Say: Hi Harley!

    Think: These two names sound really good together, but I'm not a huge fan of Harley.

    Here is my niece Meredith Riley. We usually call her Mimi though.
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    Say: Hi Meredith! You have the same name as my best friend, I love it!

    Think: Meredith is gorgeous and Mimi is very cute. However, I prefer Mimi as a nick name for Naomi, Amelia, etc. I think Meredith is beautiful and I would not shorten it personally. I'm not a fan of Riley at all, and I feel like the trendy style clashes a bit with classic, uncommon Meredith. However, the name does look cute to the eye and the flow isn't too bad either.

    These are my sons Lucian Hugo and Julius Alden. They will also answer to Luke and Jules.
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    Say: Hey boys!
    Think: Not a huge fan of Lucian or Julius, although I do like Hugo and Alden. Lucian is a bit out there for me, and Julius seems very feminine to me because of all of the Julies, Juliets, Juliannas, etc.

    Hi, meet my daughters Melisande Ophelia and Adelaide Fiona. Lissy, Addy, say hi!

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    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: Melisande Ophelia and Adelaide are gorgeous, but I don't think Fiona fits in there at all.

    Hi, meet my children Lyra Florence, Phoebe Arabella, and Noah Stanley.
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