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Thread: Think/Say

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    Mar 2013
    Say: Hi there! What cute kids.
    Think: Funny, that girl Olive is named after one of my favorite foods. :P Alfred sounds very masculine, it's different. I've never met a Sibyl before. Definitely not names I would have chosen but they're still nice. Except, Olive's a bit ridiculous.

    I'd like you to meet my daughters Saraia Madelyn and Aiyana Florence.

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    Mar 2013
    Say: Hi girls! What cuties you are!
    Think: How do you pronounce Saraia and Aiyana? Sa-rhy-a and I-ahn-na? Madelyn is pretty, but I don't like Florence at all.

    Meet my daughter Aria Maeve (Ah-ree-a) and her friends Neva Evelyn and Paisley Adelia.
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    Apr 2013
    Say: Hi girls!

    Think: I really like Aria, not so much Maeve. Neva is decent, as is Evelyn, but I don't love either. I really dislike Paisley, but Adelia is nice.

    Hi, meet my twins, Luciana "Lucy" Rosalind and Lorenzo Malcom.

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    Aug 2012
    Say: hi twins
    think: love the names Lucy and Lorenzo

    meet my baby girls: Dagny Margaret and Libby Love

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    Feb 2012
    Think: Simply put, I don't like any of these names. Dagny sounds like a male name, Margaret is out-dated, just Libby is a bit strange to me, and Love is just atroctious.
    Say: Hello girls!

    I'd like you to meet my daughters Cosette Rose and Lucille Carmen, and my son Flynn Samuel.
    My favorite names!
    Seraphina, Aurora, Belle, Tabitha
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