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Thread: Think/Say

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    Aug 2010
    Hi Belle
    Think: I love Belle and Seren, but Annabel is one of my least favorite -bel names. Personally I would use Belle alone.

    Meet my daughters Jenivra and Valeriana. (please vote!)

    Just lurking since the birth of my son S. G. A.
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    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: Uh... not a fan. Although Valeriana is okay.

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    Say: Hey kids!

    Think: Lucian reminds me of Lucian LaChance from Oblivion. Considering he's an important figure in the assasians guild, I don't love it on a child. Stanley I really don't like very much at all. Shelby isn't one I'm a fan of either, but Genevieve is beautiful. Jocelyn is fine, I wouldn't use it but I dont hate it. Camille is pretty, but I prefer Camilla. Declan is blah, but Matthew is nice.

    Hello, meet my daughters Flora Penelope, Melody Grace, and Sunnah Isabelle. Sunnah goes by Sunny.

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    Say: Your names are really pretty!
    Think: Flora? Sunny? Cute, but too naturey.
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    Say: Hi Gianna and Jasper
    Think: Never heard of Gianna, but it's sort of pretty, and it sounds nice with Claire. But Gianna Claire sounds better than Jasper Elliot, even though I do like the names Jasper and Elliot.

    (Sorry, I was skipped, so im re-posting these names - but I changed Aria's middle name from Paisley to Katherine)
    Hi, meet my twins Hugo Alexander and Aria Katherine.

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