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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jan 2010
    Midwestern USA
    Say: Hi, there.
    Think: I like classic first names with adventurous middles. Thumbs up!

    Meet my twin daughters Averil & Waverly.

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    Jul 2011
    Say: Hello!
    Think: Too much "aver." I'm not a fan of matchy names on twins in general, and even though this case might be subtle enough to work for some people it doesn't really work for me. I think it would still be a bit confusing and clumsy. The names individually aren't bad, but aren't my taste either, though I might be predisposed against Averil because I have a less than great association with it.

    These are my daughters Juna Tamsin and Nola Jenifry.

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    Say: Hi Juna, Hi Nola! What gorgeous names!

    Think: They really are gorgeous names, that work really well together.. not so keen on the middles, especially Jenifry.

    I'd like you to meet my daughters, Bay and Seren

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    Apr 2012
    London, UK
    Say: Hello girls, nice to meet you!
    Think: Those are pretty unusual names, but I like them, particularly Seren. Bay is a bit too short for me, and makes me think of horses.

    These are my twins, Lucy Susannah and Nora Penelope.

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    Feb 2013
    Say: Hi Lucy! Hi Nora! You girls are adorable.

    Think: I love these names! Lucy and Nora are adorable as twins, and both names are fantastic separately too. Susannah and Penelope are gorgeous and make great middle names for Lucy and Nora. They really balance out and go together wonderfully.

    This is my son Enoch Gregory.

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