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    Unusual Names CAF

    Unusual names CAF

    13 Kids!

    All names are ones I have used in video games. Yes, some are made up. Feel free to change birth order and add ages and any other details.
    Parents: Your choice!

    DD1: Rosalie, Clementina, Ivory, Bluebell, Golda, Julie

    DS1: Ash, James, Avo, Peter, Kinley, Ziggy

    DD2: Hillarie, Violet, Daisy, Axelle, Bunny, Sandy

    DS2: Graham, Sampson, Bell, Wilby, Rogan, Leo

    DD3: Beatrice, Geovanna, Kaite, Umbrielle, Millie, Sola

    DS3: Chester, Arleau, Omega, Ving, Chang, Talon

    DD4: Shadow, Madeleine, Delia, Polly, Jessie, Otto

    DS4: Quade, Zarney, Djimon, Huntington, Ario, Penley

    DD5: Rosey, Mae, Harriet, Snow, Holly, Yara

    DS5: Trevor, Romulus, Harrie, Tristan, Zabe, Kevin

    DD6: Augustina, Scorpia, Gurtrude, Ariadne, Dinah, Ashlie

    DD7: Oaklyn, Lorelai, Stella, Emmalee, Rory, Annie

    DD8: Riella, Lula, Lylleigh, Reverie, Emmy, Power
    I'm just gonna play Baby Name Games for a while.

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    DD1: Clementina Julie
    DS1: Avo James
    DD2: Violet Hillarie
    DS2: Leo Sampson
    DD3: Sola Umbrielle
    DS3: Arleau Omega
    DD4: Delia Madeleine
    DS4: Quade Ario
    DD5: Holly Yara
    DS5: Trevor Kevin
    DD6: Augustina Ashlie
    DD7: Lorelai Annie
    DD8: Emmy Riella

    Great game, Phoenix! I like how its not all the same names that I usually see.
    Mom to Noemi Xochitl *5/19/14*

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    Aimee - 16 - Reader- Dancer

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    Unusual names CAF

    13 Kids

    Address 7621 Emberley Blvd, Chaplin Township, Cairo Condominums, TE 546720-DE

    Parents: DW: Melody Anne Piers 50 nn Mel

    DW: Lydia Robin Santos 46

    DD1: Ivory Rosalie 25

    DS1: James Peter nn Jace 22

    DD2: Violet Hillarie 17

    DS2: Graham Leo nn Gray 14

    DD3: Geovanna Beatrice 10

    DS3: Arleau Talon 9 twin*

    DD4: Delia Madeleine 9 twin*

    DS4: Penley Quade 6

    DD5: Yara Mae 6 (adopted)

    DS5: Kevin Tristan 5

    DD6: , Ariadne Ashlie 3

    DD7: , Lorelai Oaklyn 2

    DD8: Reverie Lula 2 (adopted)

    And a dear Dog named Dakota Rhys
    Girls: Sheridan ° Ceridwen ° Caoimhe ° Ariadne ° Beatrice ° Lorelai ° Cleo ° Holland

    • Claren • Asa • Ezra • Perrin nn peri

    Boys: Lennox ° Abram ° Geoffrey ° Guy ° Inigo ° Elijah ° Matthias ° Raphael

    Girls: Esra Larkin 💙 Sheridan Blythe 💚 Claren Marjorie 🌍 Adrienne Coral 💜 Adelai Carys

    💙 Adelai Cerulean 💚 Beatrice Nova 🌎 Bryony Tamsin 💜 Ariadne Soleil 🔆

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