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Thread: Nameception CAF

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    Nameception CAF

    Choose a LN using the first letter of your LN:
    A-F: Atkins, Brown, Cole, Douglas, Evans, Fain
    G-L: Greene, Hyatt, Ingersoll, Jacobs, King, Lowry
    M-R: Moore, Nelson, Owens, Pratt, Quimby, Ray
    S-Z: Stanton, Teague, Underwood, Vanderveer, White, Xavier, Young, Zorrick

    DW FN: using the first letter of your fn:

    A-F: Aubrey, Blair, Callie, Delaney, Emmeline or Freya
    G-L: Gracelin, Heidi, Isla, Jacey, Kendra, or Louella
    M-R: Maeve, Naima, Olive, Paige, Quincey, or Rosalie
    S-Z: Sienna, Tia, Uma, Vega, Wren, Ximena, Yasmin, Zia

    DW MN; using the first letter of your middle name
    A-F: Ambrosia, Bella, Claire, Daly, Esmee, Faith
    G-L: Grace, Holly, Ivy, Jean, Kelly, Lucille
    M-R: Mae, Nora, Opal, Priscilla, Quinn, Raven
    S-Z: Skye, Tracey, Ursula, Violet, Whitney, Xena, Yvonne, Zooey

    DH FN: first letter of your favorite guy's FN
    A-F: Abel, Brett, Corbin, Dallas, Ephram, Flynn
    G-L: Gunnar, Hale, Ian, Jersey, Kessler, Leland
    M-R: Murphy, Nico, Person, Palmer, Quaid, Roderick
    S-Z : Silas, Tristan, Ulysses, Vance, Weston, Xander, Yardley, Zane

    DH MN: from the LAST letter of your fn
    A-F: Adler, Brice, Cohen, Drake, Ellis, Frye
    G-L: Glenn, Harvey, Isaac, Johan, Keith, Levi
    M-R: Matteo, Noble, Ogden, Penn, Quinton, Reid
    S-Z: Samson, Troy, Urias, Vaughn, Wiley, Xeke, Zakary

    This family has two boys and two girls. Name them using the following banks.

    Girls - use your parents or grandparents initials to choose fn and mn for 2 daughters

    A-F: Adeline, Bethany, Cambria, Danielle, Emery, Francesca
    G-L: Gwen, Harper, Ivory, Jocelyn, Katherine, Lilliana
    M-R: Maci, Natasha, Olivia, Piper, Queen, Roux
    S-Z: Sloane, Tatum, Ulia, Verona, Wynn, Xasha, Zenia

    Boys - use your best friends initials to choose FN and MN for 2 sons

    A-F: Adrian, Brogan, Conrad, Dennis, Elmore, Faulkner
    G-L: Grayson, Hart, Isley, Jarrett, Kyle, Logan
    M-R: Milo, Newton, Oliver, Paxton, Quinn, Reese
    S-Z: Summit, Tanner, Urwin, Victor, Winsome, Xi'an, Zorro

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    LN: Lowry
    DW: Jacey Ambrosia
    DH: Tristan Reid

    DD1: Maci Liliiana
    DD2: Roux Emery
    DS1: Jarrett Hart
    DS1: Elmore Brogan

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