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Thread: Think/Say

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    Feb 2012
    The Void
    Say: Hiya Andy!
    Think: I LOVE that pronunciation of Andrea!

    This is my daughter Lavinia, and my son Seth.

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    Nov 2011
    Say: Hi Lavinia! Hi Seth!
    Think: I love the name Seth! Lavinia is cute too, but really nms.

    These are my sons, Desmond and Victor.

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    Feb 2012
    The Void
    Say: Hey there - Desmond, Vic!
    Think: Great sibset; Desmond and Victor go perfectly together!

    Meet my twins, Fabian and Sylvester! Say hi!

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    Jan 2012
    Victoria, Australia
    Say: Hi Desmond, hi Victor! How are you both?
    Think: I'm not really a fan of's too heavy for a newborn/toddler/little kid in my opinion. And so not ready so come back into fashion. Hopefully he goes by Des. On the other hand, Victor is lovely! A little heavy for such a young child, but a wonderful name to grow into!

    I'd like you to meet my twins, Ptolemy August Lane and Genevieve Auden Blake.
    [FONT=Times New Roman][CENTER][SIZE=2]Renaming myself;
    something quirky, British and elegant.[/SIZE]
    [COLOR="#009999"]August - Edmund - Dexter - Jasper - Felix - Henry[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#990066"]Violet - Beatrice - Florence - Olive - Harriet - Antigone - Clementine - Henrietta - Hermione - Wilhelmina - Ottilie - Persephone[/COLOR]

    Please vote on my name list!: [url][/url]


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    May 2011
    Say: Hello, kids
    Think: I am not liking Ptolemy. It's one of those names that not everyone understands how to say the first time, and you'll often have it pronounced wrong if you don't say something first.
    This is my daughter Ruby Twila and her baby sister Mabel Juniper
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