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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello, Sybil!

    Think: Never met a Sybil before. Not bad at all.

    Meet my girls, Rose and Violet.
    I am a Teeneberry and Ravenclaw. Name lists are currently under construction.

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    Say: Hello Rose, hello Violet.
    Think: NMS, but lovely names. I wonder if they will continue the floral theme if they have more children?

    'These are my children Hestia Petal, Teddy Hawthorn and Nanetta Fern. Hetty, Ted, Nan, say hello.'
    Girls: Bunny Frances, Vesper Noble, Anouk Minnie, Yuki Beloved, Momo Flora, Constance Nellie, Malou Happy, Esther Opal, Nanette Camellia, Bertie Alma, Paloma Valentine, Shalom Galilee, Mary Valentine, Agnes Gardenia.

    Boys: Dossie Gardener, Bertram Beloved, Morris Basil, Reginald Noble, Gerald Dove, Humphrey Kip, Amadeus Happy, Abraham Lou, Bernard Prosper, Balthazar Palomo, Ernest Francesco, Enzo Raphael, Shalom Valour.

    Name List:

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    Say: Hi Hetty, Ted and Nan!
    Think: I wouldn't name that my kids, but I like the nns Hetty and Ted, they bring me good memories. About Nan, I'd just say NO!

    Meet my kids Emily Jayne, Eleanor Rose and Alexander Patrick. Em, El, Alec, say hi!
    Free Us From This World

    Jasmine Rose
    Violet Lewis | Maeve Elizabeth
    Gwyneth Rose | Emily Jayne
    Avery Bay

    Matthew Alexander
    Theodore Nicholas | David Christopher
    Thomas William | Samuel George
    Andrew James

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    Say: Hi kids! It's lovely to meet you!
    Think: These are great solid respectable names. Loooove Emily(My name) I prefer the Jane spelling though. Cute sounding combo! Eleanor Rose is beautiful I love it. I really like Alexander Patrick as well, really like the unexpected nickname Alec. I fear Em and El are too similar for nicknames. Maybe Emmy and El?

    This is my son Bronimir George, He loves the bears at the zoo.

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    Say: Hello Bronimir!
    Think: What an interesting name! I don't know if I've ever seen Bronimir before. I wonder if it's Slavic? It also reminds me of Boromir from Lord of the Rings. I wonder if they ever call him Bron? It's sort of a heavy name, but I think I like it.

    These are my three daughters. From left to right: Ida-Rose Mahala, Gwendolen Lee, and Philippa Rosemary. We call them Rosie, Winnie, and Pippa.

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