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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello Bronimir!
    Think: What an interesting name! I don't know if I've ever seen Bronimir before. I wonder if it's Slavic? It also reminds me of Boromir from Lord of the Rings. I wonder if they ever call him Bron? It's sort of a heavy name, but I think I like it.

    These are my three daughters. From left to right: Ida-Rose Mahala, Gwendolen Lee, and Philippa Rosemary. We call them Rosie, Winnie, and Pippa.

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    Say: Hello girls!

    Think: I love Ida Rose, but seems like a bit of a waste to just call her Rosie, and it seems a bit weird when Philippa's middle is Rosemary.

    These are my children, Myrtle Johannah Kate, Winston Joshua Adam and Oscar Joshua Daniel. We're expecting our 4th, Eleanor Viola Pearl in a few months.
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    Hello children. I love your names! Congratulations on number 4.
    Think: really like them all except Winston, sounds stuffy and reminds me of the cigarette brand.

    Meet my daughter Mimsy.

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    Say: Hello Mimsy.
    Think: Okay, after thinking about it, it's a lovely nickname for Miriam.

    This is my son, Lucian.
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    Say: Hello, Lucian!
    Think: I've never heard that name before

    Meet my daughter, Nova Colleen, and her little sister Noelle Cathleen. Today, their cousin Dora Jane is coming over to play.
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