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Thread: Think/Say

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    May 2013
    Say : Hey Kids!

    Think : Vivian Wren is lovely. But i'am not a fan of the boy's name.

    This is my sweet angel, Iris Elisabeth. She just turn four.

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    Apr 2014
    Say: Hello, kids! Nice to meet you.
    Think: Eh, so so names. But I've never met twins before!

    These are the triplets:Kalliope Josephine, Zephyrus Herman and Septimus Xavier. We spelled Kalliope with a K, because that's its original spelling, and it's family tradition to give the boys names ending in -us,
    Just a lover of names, no kids for me!
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    Say: What lovely kids! Their names are wonderful, too.
    Think: I love all of the first names! Kalliope, Zephyrus, and Septimus are perfection as a sibset. I don't love any of the middle names, but they do go well with the first names.

    These are my children, Winston Prosper, Cecil Judge, and Henrietta Poet. We call Winston 'Winnie' sometimes, but he doesn't like it now that he's a fifth grader, because its too much of a 'baby name'. We still call Henrietta 'Hettie' all the time, though.
    Not expecting, I just love names <3
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    Say : Nice to meet you kids!

    Think : Love the middles, really dislike the nicknames, Henrietta & Cecil . I'am neutral about Winston.

    These my childrens Louisa Daisy Kate who we call Lulu boo & Edward William James aka Teddy.

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    Say: Hello kkids.
    Think: Edward nn Ted? Eh.. I can understand that but I don't really like it. I prefer just Edward. Teddy is another name for me. I hate Lulu Boo but Louisa is pretty. Their middle names are all nice.

    Meet my kiddos: Kyle Alexander Orion, Seraphina Cytherea Juliette and Valencia Callista Isabelle.
    Call me Cynthia, Angie, or Luna. 22. Name nerd.

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