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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello!

    Think: Tiberius doesn't feel like a name for me. It's one of those names that I honestly feel bad for the child bearing them. Tibs isn't a name, so it's not really a nickname for me. Jeffrey makes me think of an overweight 50 year-old, so it's not really something I'd ever imagine on a child.

    Sienna Ireland Nicole is almost 3! The doctors have told us that she's our one and only miracle baby, and we treasure her dearly.

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    Say: aw, I can imagine you would!
    Think: Sienna is a gorgeous, lovely choice! Not a fan of Ireland though :/

    My little twins, Charlotte Lucy and Matilda Sophie are our little miracle babies too. We often call them Lottie and Tillie.
    Girls: Doris ❀ Amelia ❀ Freya ❀ Martha ❀ Violet ❀ Lauren ❀ Mabel ❀ Lillian ❀ Minnie ❀ Honey ❀ Emily
    Amelie ❀ Daisy ❀ Florence ❀ Imogen ❀ Edna ❀ Eleanor ❀ Eva ❀ Evelyn ❀ Clara

    Boys: Matthew ✿ Louis ✿ Ernest ✿ Christopher ✿ Barclay ✿ Adam ✿ Andrew
    Charlie ✿ Harrison ✿ Daniel ✿ Joshua ✿ James ✿ Thomas ✿ Henry

    ~no matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world~

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    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: I love Charlotte and Matilda Sophie! I also love Lottie as a nickname but I prefer Mattie as a nickname for Matilda instead of Tillie.

    This is Dashiell James, but we just call him Dash. We're going to pick up Ike Everett and Elowen Faye at school, then I'm taking Elle to her dance class.
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    you can never be overdressed or overeducated.

    Juno • Ramona • Cecily • Elowen • Archer • Dashiell • Ike• Arlo

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    Say: Hi Dash
    Think: I don't like Dashiell or its nickname- reminds me of a reindeer. I Like Elowen, Faye, & I love Everett but Ike is too grizzly for me.

    My daughters Violette Bryn, Lillian Cara, Mackenna Kate are all in the school play, I hope you will join me and their brothers, Graham Luca & Wesley Knox to watch it!
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    Hi my kids would love to join in and play!!!
    Think: the boys names are great the girls are a little too popular

    I would like to introduce Tallulah Suzanne and Mabel Lucille they are very excited they just found out that they will soon be big sisters to little Dorothea Margery. They both like to go by nicknames Lula and Mae. I'm sure Dorothea will be just like her big sisters and go by Thea.

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