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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Bronte.
    Think: Gorgeous name. Usually I prefer Bronte as a middle name, but Bronte Emmanuelle has a very nice flow.

    Meet my daughter Faustina, and her brother, Luca.
    twenty-something name nerd. infj

    Seraphina Juliette Liv. Evangeline Laetitia Odette. Catalina Ariadne. Valentina Bellatrix Yvaine
    Violetta Catherine Lenore. Isabelle Faustina Clare. Valencia Lyra Amoret. Rosalind Belphoebe
    Clementine Audrey Rowena. Annabelle Helena Lúthien. Vanessa Rose Aphrodite

    Peregrine Lysander Dante. Gavriel Alexander Callum. James Luca Auberon. Caspian Frederic Levi
    Perseus Arthur Flynn. Cassius Jason Ambrose. Damien Alexei Orion

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    Say: Hello you two. Faustina, that's quite an unusual name.

    Think: Faustina is different, don't love it or hate it. The last name would play a large part in whether it works or not. Luca is meh Lucas to me is a sturdier name.

    These are my cousin's triplets, Septembria Topaz, Artemisia Obsidian and Galilea Matara. Their father is a classics professor and likes unusual names. He prefers we use their full ones but often we just call them Bree, Missy and Lea.

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    Say: Wow, triplets! Your names are amazing.
    Think: Oh, wow. That's a lot of name. They seem a little forced, to be honest, but pretty. The nicknames don't do much for me.

    This is my youngest son, Max, short for Maximilian. His older brother Gus, short for Augustus, is at school.
    Teen writer, pianist, sci-fi geek, cat-owner and name enthusiast.

    Calvin Augustus ~ Matilda Josephine
    Roland | Walter | Alonzo | Orson | Beatrice | Elspeth | Agatha | Sunny
    Fitzgerald | Winston | Montgomery | Hugo | Clemency | Zelda | Astrid | Ophelia

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    Say: Hello Max!
    Think: Nice taste in names! Both names are so crefully chosen and they perfectly match!

    Hello! This is my son Alexei and my daughter Ida. I also have a daughter and a son who're freshmen in college now. Their names are Felix and Lux. They're twins.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Say: Hello, Alexei & Ida! Are you missing Lux & Felix?
    Think: I wonder if they have middle names? The only thing I noticed was that poor little Ida was the only one without an 'x' in her name. A mismatched sibset IMO.

    This is my youngest son, Everett Nathaniel, who's 7. His older sister, Savannah Reverie, who's 9, and his older brother, Adrian Jack, who's 11, are away at an astronomy camp for the summer.
    Catalina: Seventeen, Volleyball, Geography

    Girls: Angeline || Augusta || Bryony || Caroline || Elizabeth || Genevieve || Katherine || Rosemary
    Boys: Adrian || Benjamin || Bennett || Elliott || Everett || Levi || Nathaniel || Soren || Zachary

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