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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: "Hi Kate!'
    Think: "Katerina Isabella is really good!"
    Meet my kids Sawyer Lee, Hayden Bradley and Finley December!
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    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: I love the names Sawyer and Finley! And the middles fit the firsts, especially Bradley with Hayden, but Finley December is a large mouthful next to Sawyer Lee.

    Meet my daughters, Louisa Nicole 'Lou', Andrea Renee 'Andy', and Francesca Aislin 'Cesca'.
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    Say: Hi girls! Wow, beautiful names!
    Think: I love love love Louisa and Francesca. Andrea is nice. None of the middle names are my style, but still go pretty well. The nicknames are way cute. When I was little I wished my name was Andy!

    These are my daughters Alexandria Hadley, Marguerite Sylvia and Josefina Daisy. Their middle names are family names, and they go by nicknames "Lux", "Margo" and "Fi".
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    Say: Hi Lux, Margo and Fi!
    Think: I like Alexandria. I love Sylvia and Daisy! Marguerite, Josefina (why not spell it normally though?) and Hadley are NMS. The nicknames are ok...

    Meet my daughter Evenie Skye. Her name is pronounced Evan-ee. We call her Evie. Her little brother is at a friend's house, but his name is Hugo Alexander. My third child is named Saskia Imogen, she's also at a friend's house. (Evie, Hugo and Saskia)
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    Say: Hello!
    Think: I don't think that Evenie Skye fits well with Hugo Alexander and Saskia Imogen at all. It looks very made up to me. Hugo Alexander and Saskia Imogen both feel very stately to me, but Evenie Skye strikes me as seeming much more modern and much less substantial. Evadne, Hugo, and Saskia would have been an amazing sibset.

    This is my daughter, Helen Thisbe.

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