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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello Holden!
    Think: A very handsome combination. I wonder if they chose Holden because they were Catcher in the Rye fans or if they just liked the name.

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    Say: Hi Cary!

    Think: What a unique name! Cary is very unusual on a boy, but it's definitely cute! Come to think of it, I like it much better on a boy than a girl. And I've always loved Julian, such a fun addition to his name. He's got a smart mamma!

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    Feb 2013
    Say: Hi, boys!

    Think: Gorgeous names. Very handsome & strong. Adding Louie to our boys list. Good job mama.

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    Say: Hi Fleur, hi Eva, hi Charlie!
    Think: The combinations are perfect, I'm not sure about the FNs standing alone, they become kind of short and lose the sparkle. But overall these are some really beautiful names.

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    Say: Hello Eliza!
    Think: I don't care for Eliza very much, but Eliza Harlow is a lovely combination.

    This is my daughter Wren Penelope.


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