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Thread: Name sightings

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    Jul 2012
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    Met brothers at the park today named Isaac, Malachi, and Elijah. They were 9, 6, and 4 respectively.

    Also, my family and I stopped off at a (very tasty) local dive in small town Tennessee on our way back from Louisville... I overheard a dad scolding his sons Boyd and Grigsby. I assumed both were family surnames, but I'd never even heard Grigsby before.
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    I heard Bristol in a restaurant bathroom today. I was at a swimming pool the other day, and I met a couple who had two children named Miriya (pronounced meer-ee-uh) and Maddox. I thought that was cute.

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    I ran into my first Nevaeh yesterday at my youth group. Two girls had been volunteering in the nursery, and brought over an adorable 14 month old baby girl. Being a name nerd, I promptly asked what her name is. "It's Nevaeh (they said it neh-VAY-uh, which is how I intuitively pronounce it), heaven spelled backwards. Isn't so cute?"

    I have impulse issues due to my ADD, so I was very proud of myself that I smiled and said, "That's nice" and changed the subject to her adorable outfit.
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    I ran in to a mom in the supermarket with a 13 month old baby girl named Imogen, I know there's a host of people on here that love Imogen but it is one name that I absolutely HATE! She pronounced it Emo-jen (I've heard it pronounced a few other ways too) and all I could say was "Isn't she sweet" while gagging on the inside
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    A woman named Tamisan. Not Tamsin or Tasmin, but Tamisan.

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