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Thread: Name sightings

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Have just arrived home from a study trip to Berlin and I heard/read a lot of great names down there, just to mention a few: Leea, Maximilian, Tassilo, Timo and Leoni. I also heard a lot of Slavic-sounding names (like Franziska, Natalia, Gregor and Dominik), but I did live in the old East Berlin so that might be the reason.
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    I met a little toddler today at a family thing. She's a second or third cousin on my step-aunt's side and her name is Allison Grey. What a cutie! Her Dad was calling her cute!

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    Currently in a three way tie for the Masters, Australian Jason Day has a baby boy named "Dash". So, Dash Day?

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    A friend of mine told me today that her cousin is naming her daughter Ariadne Isabella. Stunning!

    This same friend has a pregnant sister and two other pregnant cousins, and I'm looking forward to hearing those names as well.
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