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Thread: Name sightings

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    Apr 2013
    I met a little girl called Everdeen last week. At first I just thought of the hunger games but she wore the name so well that I completely forgot about it. I think her brother was called Caspian, if I heard her right. Everdeen & Caspian is such a cool sibset, imo.

    I would never use Everdeen but her mother was nicknaming her Ever and it was so cute.
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    I went with my dad to petco and the cashier was Marijke. I thought that was interesting.
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    At softball today, I ran into a little seven year old named Marcella. Beautiful little girl with an unusual, classic name!
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    I was at my town's fair and I spotted a mother with her son. The boy was getting fussy and about to throw a tantrum when the mother sternly said his name "Pierce!". A handsome and refreshing name. Another name I discovered recently was when I was walking to school one morning. I saw a business ad on a pick-up truck and there was a name on the decal. Javier nn "Harvey", which I found really interesting! I guess that still counts as a name sighting.
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    Have just arrived home from a study trip to Berlin and I heard/read a lot of great names down there, just to mention a few: Leea, Maximilian, Tassilo, Timo and Leoni. I also heard a lot of Slavic-sounding names (like Franziska, Natalia, Gregor and Dominik), but I did live in the old East Berlin so that might be the reason.
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