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Thread: Name sightings

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    These aren't exactly name sightings, but I overheard a group of girls talking about baby names in class today. Most of the names were predictable along the lines of Logan, Luke, Ella, and Sophia. There was one girl in particular though that I was ready to turn around and invite to Nameberry. Her favorites were Thompson Frederick, Hoyt Alasdair, Eloise Fiona (Lola), and Caroline Adele. (Thompson, Frederick, Hoyt, and Lola are family names for her.) The fact that she had combos was enough to impress me.
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    On 20/20 there is a "Travel Confidential" episode. A mother with two sons named Bennet and Griffin.

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    A few weeks ago I met a college-aged, male Emerson.
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    I went to Nursery with a Tatum. I know a sibset: Saffiya, Iysha and Marley. There is an Aurelia at my school. I know a Tezjan. Er... Sibset of four: Ianthe, Carmel, Damien and Louisa.
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    The sisters, Lecia and Lucienne. They're old Danish singers.
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