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Thread: Name sightings

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    My school bus broke down last week and we had to take a different bus. I was looking at the seat placements and I saw a Delores. While it's NMS, I thought, Wow, her parents are so cool with names! Until I looked at her last name, which was double barreled. That in itself isn't bad, until you look at it and one surname ends with -ess and the other -ez. Delores Somethingess-Namez (obviously not her last name). A bit rhyme-y, IMO.

    I also ran into a thirteen year old Isla when I was interviewing people for yearbook. She was surprised when I spelled her name right.
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    All 18 year olds:

    Perry Lincoln

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    Forgot to add - theres a new set of twins at Hazel's daycare - Frank & Betsy.

    Theres a few other sets of twins at her daycare too -

    Sebastian & Violet
    Philippa & Beatrice
    Madden (b) & Serenity
    William & Joseph
    Kerry & Khloe
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    My Uncle and his wife had a new baby girl named River. I think it's nice, uncommon but not crazy. Her brothers are Conner, Fletcher, and Vander. People in my graduating class have started having kids too, I've come across Allen, Colby, Lilyana, and Leila.
    My mom recently got a cockatiel and named him Chester :grin: not a person name but could you think of a better name for him?

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    I was picking up my nephew from school (I babysit him sometimes when my sisters childminder can't pick him up for whatever reason) and I heard a mother talking to her children and she referred to them as Mabel, Jayden (god knows what spelling), Emily & Carson..Mabel seems completely out of place.

    There was also an Kian, Brynn (g) and Wes in the schools newsletter that he came home with. I love to read those when I baby sit him, his school is well named! (He is also fabulously named - his name is Edward)
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